Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A Week Through Instagram #45.

Rush hour crush #1
Lil bro graduated last week, am very proud of him!
Rush hour crush #2
Got a surprise belated birthday present from Catherine :)

Rush hour crush #3
Rush hour crush #4
Christmas at Liberty.
Rush hour crush #5

Sticky rice in a pot.
Grilled Duck.
Grilled chicken with spicy cucumber salad and sticky rice.
Grapefruit mojito with vanilla, mint and chilli.
The above foods and drink are from Busaba Eathai.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Clinique Lotta Colour Set.

Super Strawberry, Oversized Orange, Curvy Candy, Richer Raisin, Chunky Cherry.

A great set of mini Clinique Chubby Sticks, perfect for anyone who wants to try them without forking out of a full size product (like me! :P).
As you can see these balms swatches much sheering than what they look like in the tube, which I prefer at the moment. I'm loving just a tint of colour rather than full on this winter.
I grabbed this set from Boots for £30, I think it's a limited edition set out for the Christmas period.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

A Week Through Instagram #44.

Hehe the postman loved us this week! :P

Roasted tea latte.
Models Own Disco Inferno, Sally Hansen Princess Cut and Nails Inc Tate.
What I did with them :)
Cute Hello bags on the Zatchel website.

ASOS haul.
The size of those ramen heart earrings on.
Won a Revlon Just Bitten Kissable stain in Crush.
Toast and Cup a Soup day.
Love pack from May!! 
Taken on Wednesday, fighting for the week ahead! 
Mushroom Spaghetti at Vapiano.
From Jian! 

Skinfood haul from La Reveries, based in the UK. Check them out as they are having a closing down sale.
Rush Hour Crush #1.
In the same Metro was this funny debate about who should get priority seats on the tube. 'Big', tall or shorties.
Big Bang tickets cameee!!

Has anyone tried the duck flavour? So good!
Pretty ceiling at work with a lovely security camera hidden in the middle XD
Selfridges Lucky Bag.
Rush Hour Crush #2.

Rush Hour Crush #3
Christmas stamp.
Christmas at Regent Street.
Christmas at Oxford Street.

Chanel Malice 

Hope everyone had a good week! My week has been good, especially the last two day. I had such a laugh at work, I don't think I've laughed so much in ages. I feel so lucky that I'm working with such amazing people and will be sad to leave :( 
Sorry I'm really lacking with blog posts. I'm going through some potential changes with work, I hate not knowing what's going on :( but bear with me :D

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A Week Through Instagram #42 & #43.

Rush Hour Crush #1
Johnny Cupcakes haul.
Rush Hour Crush #2
Empty tube station.

Rush hour crush #3.
Starbucks red cups are back!
Me, 24 years ago... XD
Rush hour crush #4
Autumn leaves!
She Said Beauty November.
Going up!
Black sesame pudding.

Waiting for the train...
Rush hour crush #5
Taro bubble tea!
Cute little buns.

Rush hour crush #6
Breakfast with Costa. Black forest hot chocolate and egg & mushroom muffin.
Oyster mushrooms.
Been loving curly hair lately (plaited hair overnight).

Christmas Coca-Cola can.
Muji lattes to try, thanks to Jenn!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Throwback Thrusday: Lunasol Tender Glow Beige Brown.

Top row.

Bottom row.

This Lunasol palette was from the 2011 Party Coffret.