Sunday, 28 October 2012

A Week Through Instagram #41

Rice Noodles an snails in tomato soup.
C3PO lego figure.
My thick hair.
Rush hour crush #1 for the week.

Starbucks! Panini and Spiced Pumpkin Latte.
Smartly dressed for a interview.
Rush hour crush #2
Char Sui fried rice noodles.

Mung beans and seaweed tong sui.
Adorable Hello Kitty manicure set.
The start of my long birthday weekend!
Aww so cute! Thanks Google!! ^_^

Lil sis bought me sushi! :D
Birthday feast!
Sticky toffee cheesecake.
Fruit ciders.

Berry lips.
Dinner at an amazing Japanese restaurant in Clapham North (Tsunami) with a bestie! Oyster Shots.
Yellowtail Tartare.
Roast duck & fois gras nigiri and sashimi. 

Soy salted caramel banoffee sundae.
Dark chocolate fondant & yamazaki ice cream.
Pork belly.
Then Sunday, Korean with another bestie! Kimichi Jjigae.

Assorted pickles,
Beautiful Pandora ring from her!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Throwback Thursday: MAC Pink Cult.

Re-promoted earlier this year, it's now one of my favourite blushes! Such a shame it's limited edition!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Battle of the Hologram Polishes.

17 Holo Nail Polish & GOSH Holographic Nail Polish.

17 Holo Nail Polish (£3.99) & GOSH Holographic Nail Polish (£5).

Both these polishes are really similar when side by side. The only difference is when you move it under the light and find that the GOSH one has more dimension than the 17 Holo.
The above photo is with flash, where you can see the difference. I applied two coats of the 17 Holo and three coats with the GOSH Holo. GOSH dries really quickly, where the 17 polish takes a while longer to dry.
The GOSH one is supposed to only last 24 hours as it chips really easily, I think it depends on the type of day you are having.I haven't done much in the last 24 hours, so it's intact.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

A Week Through Instagram #40

This week's Graze box. To try a free box (UK Only) type in this code: NKZ9QWTD.
I'm going to try and post as much 'Rush Hour Crushes' as I can, as it makes me smile and I hope it does for you too :)
New boots from H&M.
Gangnam Style!

Hehehe duck shaped tomato.
A guy that will buy you shoes? Keeper! XD
Mum & Dad's 25th Anniversary on Thrusday 

Cucumber pickle.
Aww, bloke in blue suit!
Hello Kitty polish in  Candy Blaze (available in Superdrug) and MUA Nail Constellation in Scopio (hehe my star sign :D)

Moules and frites for lunch at Cafe Rouge.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Dude's Got It Better!

As I was browsing the knitwear section in Topshop, I realised that there was nothing decent in terms of something to keep me warm without layering. Everything was thin, I wanted something cosy and warm for the winter days.
Then in the corner I spotted this super thick jumper, it was perfect! It was Topman?! In my eyes, it looked more like a woman's jumper... XD Anyway off to Topman I went and grabbed one in XXS.
I love the chunky knit and the ombre stripe look, XXS fits perfectly for me (size UK6/8) With the length that it is, I can pair with either leggings or jeans.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Throwback Thrusday: MAC Festive Frost Face Palette.

Eyeshadows in Once Upon a Time, Below Zero, Expensive Pink & Embark. Blush in Buff.

From MAC's 2011 Holiday collection.
A palette I often use when I don't have much time to get ready, it's perfect!

I think this will be a regular weekly feature. Products that I love but are not available to buy any more :)

Monday, 15 October 2012

NARS Fall Collection: Undress Me Multiple & Outlaw Blush.

NARS Undress Me Multiple, NARS Outlaw Blush.

Undress Me described as a ballerina pink with silver shimmer is a pretty highlight, which after blending into the skin, leaves a beautiful glow to the cheekbones. The shimmer in the swatch looks rather chunky and a little scary, but it's really subtle once you blend it in and glimmers in the light (hopefully you can see in the last pic). Like all of NARS' Multiple, it blends a treat.

Outlaw is a powder blush described as a soft rose tone with gold shimmer. As you can see in my swatch, I've failed to capture the gold shimmer, it looks more like a matte blush. Despite the difficulty in picking up both the shimmer and pigmentation in the blush, I love the colour. I use the ELF blush brush from the studio range to apply Outlaw, and the colour is easily buildable.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

A Week Through Instagram #39

OPI Metallic 4 Life.
Rush Hour Crush.
This week's Graze box.
Hello Kitty Liberty tape.

Daily Rush Hour Crush!
Pink & Orange berries.
Trying new bits.

Mini drugstore haul.
I love these, they make my mornings XD
Black sesame tong yuen.
New bag's zip has 'Vic' on it haha ^^

Rimmel Metal Rush in Purple Reign.
Importing old tunes onto iTunes.
Drew this on the drawcast app.
Buns for breakfast! :D


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Week Through Instagram #38

Hello Kitty galore!
Graze box for the week.
Chanel Notorious blush.
October She Said Beauty box.

Hello Kitty onesie from Primark.
Mini Superdrug haul.
Latest magazines and freebies.
Rush Hour Crush in the Metro paper, I'll be posting as much as these as I can as they are so cute and funny!

JW Anderson x Topshop phone cases.
Fu chok tong sui (dried bean curd soup).

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Hello Kitty x Liberty Everywhere!

Last year, we could only find Hello Kitty x Liberty things in Boots and Liberty themselves. And that was the one collection for Christmas.

This year, there are many collections! And they are everywhere, Boots, Amazon, John Lewis, various places online, everywhere except Liberty...

And I've gone and bought a fair few bits of it XD

Tape from Amazon.

From John Lewis.

The print for this collection is so so cute, I really like the London theme to it. 

Close up of the prints.

From Boots.

Will you be buying anything from these collection?