Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Becca Pressed Shimmer Powders.

From bottom left clockwise: Odette, Gypsy & Princess.

Becca Pressed Shimmer Powders are my favourite cheek powders that I have been constantly using recently.

"A delicately fine shimmer powder that lights up the complexion, illuminating darkened areas and lackluster skin and creating a magical glow that emanates from within." - Becca.

They are buildable and easy to picked up using a tapered or blush brush. I use Odette as a highlight colour and the other two shades as a blush. I bought them a while ago on the Becca website as apparently these powders are getting discontinued so it's currently on sale, although some places are still doing them full price...

Odette, Gypsy & Princess.
With flash: Odette, Gypsy & Princess.

Brandalley are currently doing a Mineral make-up sale which includes some Becca products, and a few shades of these amazing Shimmer Powders. Check it out here, their eyeshadows are good too! You will need to sign up in order to see the page, it's really quick though.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Stop! Rewind. 22/09/12 CNBLUE at the Indigo2!!

I had such an amazing day yesterday! As well as the CNBLUE concert in the evening,  I got to meet up with Nic Nic and Yu Ming for lunch in Covent Garden. It was the first time I meet up with them both and they are so lovely and we had a lot of fun :D The weather was also on our side, which made the day all so more wonderful.

After the meet up Nic, her sister, my sister, cousin and I made our way to the O2 for the concert.
When we got there the queues for the standing area was super long, but we managed to get in quickly as we had balcony seats.

 The doors opened at 6pm, and CNBLUE came out around 7.

We came prepared with glowsticks XD

Our view & CNBLUE ready to come out!

Although we were seated at the back of the Indigo, we managed to get a good view. I think the Indigo is such a perfect venue for CNBLUE, it's intimate and really suited for a band like them. That's not to say that I wouldn't love to see them at a bigger venue.

I used my iPhone and my sister used the digi camera, so we have a mix of pictures and fancams XD

Leader has been working out! Check out this post XD

Glowstick love!  

A crazy photo that came out accidently on the digi cam XD Like a spell casting thing haha.

Oh, talking about spells, Harry Potter was mentioned!
The boys spoke English to us, and they were super adorable. It was way to cute, their attempt to interact, their awkward pause, their ums and ahs, Mr Leader-shi being so loveable. Seriously my love for him has grown immensely after last night.

Some unforgettable interactions:

They said they love London, they love a lot of British bands like Coldplay, The Beatles etc.

The Harry Potter mention:
Yonghwa: "Jungshin, do you like London?"
Jungshin: "I lub London. Harry Potter!!"

After a while Yonghwa randomly goes:
"I can't speak English, it's soooo difficult!"
XD Bless him, he did a great job though, they all did. 

Ooh I found a video of their talk!! I didn't record this XD Super adorable!!

We all sang Happy Birthday to Jungshin, it was his birthday earlier in the month.

Their cute little dances and jiggles! (You can see a bit in my fancams haha).

A lot of fans that were standing threw some stuff onto the stage, flags, toys etc, and Yonghwa collected everything and took it with him when they left the stage. While he was collecting some bits before the start of the next song Jonghyun was like "er leader...leader...what's our next song?" XD

Yonghwa telling the crowd that were standing to move back because it was getting dangerous, aww I guess they were all pushing against the front.

They said they wanted to become a global band, on top of the world with our help. ♥ 




Goodbye darling hey you, oh my darling hey you!

Jonghyun's voice! 

Cute dancing during Love Girl!

Yes is currently my fav song atm!

Epic ending for Yes!

Check out my YouTube for more videos :D

The concert was about two hours and they sang 21 songs, but it went too quick! I appreciate them more as a band and as individuals. They are AMAZING live, actually amazing doesn't cut it, they are incredible, so charming and crazily talented! Watch the end of Yes, omg epic! And my sis has become a bigger CNBLUE fan woo! XD
CNBLUE promised that they would come back to London, and I won't hesitant to go and see them again!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

A Week Through Instagram #36.

Breakfast style lunch XD
Manga at the bookshop.
Sweet potatoes.

Orly's Oui.
Liberty x Hello Kitty stationary at John Lewis.
PAC MAN magnets.
Nails Rock Blue & Gold Stars.

Chicken baguette & fries.
CNBLUE ticket.
Waiting for the boys to come out.

Fan in the corner is holding a Yongseo towel, eee Sweet Potato couple!
Freebies from yday's trip to Covent Garden and The Strand.

I'm working on the CNBLUE post atm, and upload fancams as we speak! :D

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Mini G-Market Haul.

Wanting to use the remaining credit on my G-Market account, I made a pretty random and small order.
The things I would normally get from G-Market are skincare, make-up and clothes. As I wasn't in need of any of those, and considering the amount I actually had in my account, there wasn't much I could get. Therefore, I went for small and cheap products :D

I kinda failed, as I made two orders and wanted to combine the orders. However as a few items became out of stock, I had re-ordered twice but was only allowed to combine orders once... So both orders arrived together lol.

All in all, the orders left S.Korea and arrived on my doorstep in three days.

The boxes looks huge right? There is more empty space in there than products!

 Inside both boxes, more boxes...

One thing that baffles me, is the waste of packaging. If the items were taken out and re-packaged, then our parcels would be a lot smaller. My family often wonder what I buy as the boxes are huge, they are as shocked as I am when I open them lol. Actually you'll be shocked too, I bought three items and they are small and flat...

Inside that massive box at the bottom of the pile:
I've got myself a huge packet of Green Tea Latte to keep myself happy for a while.

This version is much more milkier, I probably prefer it with a stronger green tea flavour, but it's good enough.

Inside the black bag:
A notebook that looks like a vintage book. 

I took a close up picture of the cover as the quality is really good, it's made out of a sort of canvas material.

And in the last box:

I think I'm going to use this to house my Oyster card as my Cath Kidston one is starting to get a little worse for wear. I love the quality of the material, like real leather hehe.

Despite the slight delay because the original item I ordered was out of stock and I had to reorder,  I'm really happy with the service of both the sellers and G-Market. I love what I've bought! 

For those who haven't read my past G-Market post, click of the G-Market label where I have explained more on how I order from the confusing website where Google translate becomes your best friend lol.

Monday, 17 September 2012

A Week Through Instagram #35.

OPI Rose Petals & Sally Hanson Razzle Dazzler.
Harry Potter Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. (Some flavours are totally gross!)
Perilla leaves, one of my favourite herbs.

Motel Rocks order came in!
The dresses I got.
Catching up with We Got Married. Loving all three couples at the moment. Joon and Yeon Seo are cute!

Monday, 10 September 2012

A Week Through Instagram #34.

Geo Angel Brown.
Lunch at Cote Brasserie.
Steak Burger with fries and salsa.
Fish goujons with fries.

Sunny day in Islington.
More Nanoblocks!
She Said Beauty September box.
Kaminarimon Nanoblock.

Cute package from Jian! 
Taro and coconut tea.
Chopped Chinese sausage (lap cheong).

Turnip cake.
Sparkly hair clip.
Pretty butterfly.

Loving my glass bunting necklace from Fushigi Shop.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Mum's Turnip Cake.

Turnip Cake, a classic dim sum dish made with Chinese radish/daikon. The recipe is so simple and quick, once you get the main part of the recipe right you can add little extras depending on what you like.

Yumeko  had ask me for my mum's recipe so I thought I'd do a post on it for anyone else who wanted to make it.
The main ingredients are radish and rice flour. My mum likes to add one Chinese sausage (lap cheong), some dried shrimps (soaked for a bit to soften), one onion and mince pork. Those ingredients are optional, you can try it with just mince, just radish or you can add other bits you would like.

1. We used two radishes about this size. Peeled and grated. You don't want to grate it too fine as when it comes to eating it, there won't be much of a crunch. Also radishes itself has lots of water in it, you don't want too much liquid coming out of it.

2.  Next thing we did was mix the rice flour with water. Slowly add in the water until you get a silky mixture that is not too thick nor too watery.

 3. Sauté the onion and Chinese sausage in pan with some oil. It's best to use a pan with a bigger depth, you'll see why in a bit. Add the shrimp and mince in.

4. Once the mince is cooked add in the radish. Flavour with soy sauce, a little chicken stock powder (optional) and salt (optional too if you don't have so much meat). Flavour to your liking. As you can see there is quite a lot of liquid from the radish itself, which is why if you grated it any finer you would get a lot more liquid. 

5. When the radish has soften through and is cooked, add in the rice flour mix. This is why you need a pan with a lot of depth. During this stage you have to constantly stir the mixture until it thickens, remember to continuously stir otherwise it will burn.

6. You should end up with a constancy like this. Thick, but not too thick. If it's too thick, keep adding water. The thicker the mixture, the harder it would set (as in soft and hard, not hard as in it won't set lol). So depending if you like it more moist or not, relates to how thick you have your mixture.

7. Transfer the mixture onto a dish. Our mixture made about two dishes full.

8. Then steam. We steamed ours for about 20 mins. You'll know when it's done when you poke a chopstick/fork into it, and nothing sticks onto it when you take it out.

 9. Let it cool down.

You can eat it a few hours after, just like that once it is set. You can also, once it fully cools down, put it into the fridge. The next day, you can re-steam, re-heat in the microwave or fry it. We like to eat it with some soy sauce or fish sauce, yummy!

This is how it our one looks once it cools down.

I hope this helps you Yume!! And if anyone else tries this recipe, let me know and post pics! :D Any questions, ask away and I will try my best to answer (or get some help from my mum hehe).