Sunday, 29 July 2012

A Week Through Instagram #27.

Nails Inc Nail Jewellery in Pink Diamond.
Lamb, mash and beans.
Two of my fav things in one!

Selca #1: late night pic.
Selca #2: Winged liner.
Snacks haul.
Another Cybercandy visit.

New loafers.
July Glossybox.
Prize from Revlon.
Bright nails, Motel midi skirt, ASOS loafers & Urban Outfitters satchel OOTD.

Persian Chicken & Avocado salad from Leon.
Instagram tag: 17th pic from photo roll.
Instagram tag: Favourite skincare products atm.
Instagram tag: nail polishes.

Instagram tag: lost, found or undeclared products. Box of cheek products I haven't tried yet.
Playing with the Slow Shutter cam app: light painting.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

I ♥ Cinnamon!!

One of the flavours I love is Cinnamon. Anything cinnamon that I see, I must try! Imagine my excitement when I saw a good selection of cinnamon flavoured snacks at Cybercandy! The Poptarts are amazing!! ♥

I started my morning with a cinnamon swirl too today :D

Do you like cinnamon? Anything you would recommend? :)

Monday, 23 July 2012

A Week Through Instagram #26

Cuff Earrings :)
Healthy lunch.
Goodies within!
SpaceNK sale order.

My MM Majoromantica collection.
My MM Puff de Cheeks collection.
Nails inc Electric Lane on a black base.
Naked Burrito from Tortilla.

Another new iPhone case.
Beast/B2ST new album and MV is out!! Eee really goood!!
Top three products of the month. Chanel Mat Lumiere, Lunasol Beige Brown, MAC By Candlelight.
Summery dress!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Lipstick Queen 15 Minutes of Fame.

I just wanted to quickly put this post up, as I got these lipglosses yesterday and they are still available in the sale!

I was browsing the SpaceNK sale, as you casually do, and spotted the Lipstick Queen 15 Minutes of Fame Pop Art Lipglosses.

I had spotted the counter in SpaceNK stores before, but never really paid attention to the brand itself. However for £3 a gloss, reduced from £14, I did a bit of swatch research and picked seven shades up.

From top to bottom: 2 Minutes, 3 Minutes, 7 Minutes, 8 Minutes, 10 Minutes, 11 Minutes, 15 Minutes.

First of all, I adore the bright box which contrasts the simply tube packaging. The glosses come in a twist tube with a brush applicator.

2 Minutes, 3 Minutes, 7 Minutes, 8 Minutes, 10 Minutes, 11 Minutes, 15 Minutes.

The lipglosses disperse out almost like a gel form, the formula is quite thick however is not sticky at all when applied. The 15 Minutes of Fame products provide a sheer wash of colour.

Check out the product and shades description on the Lipstick Queen website.
I also referred to Karla Sugar's post to make my decisions on which shades to choose.

There are still a lot of shades in stock on the SpaceNK website (the sale is not available in stores), check them out here.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

A Week Through Instagram #25

Char Sui Bao (Roast pork bun).
Bright lips :)
New iPhone case.

Happy hippo.
Taro & Coconut Milk Tea.
Aztec jacket <3
Another great K-drama I'm watching, A Gentleman's Dignity.

Cybercandy haul.
Caved and got some new Revlon Kissables.
Mum's cheung fun is the best!
Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts is sooo good microwaved!

Beast/B2ST is coming back!!! Midnight is on repeat while we patiently wait for their album XD
Steak and veggies.
Mini Milk ice lollies.
Zoya Ki.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Body Shop Lily Cole Collection.

I picked up a few products from The Body Shop's latest make up collection with Lily Cole when there was a  3 for 2 offer.

Pearl Radiance Primer.
 I have always wanted to try a primer with 'beads' inside as it looks so cool lol. If you look carefully, you can see the gel that binds the beads together when you pump it out.

The texture is mousse like when it's pumped out.

It takes a a bit of blending in until it the mousse is fully mixed together.

The primer leaves a subtle shimmer and makes your skin all glowy, therefore you can use it alone of with foundation/BB Cream/Tinted moisturiser on top. The second picture with the flash shows the shimmer.

These domes are fairly sheer as you can see, you can layer on the colour and I like the tint rather than a intense swipe of colour. You can use them on your lips too, but it's hard to apply onto the lips straight from the dome. The surface is too big and there's not much of a tip at the top.

Honesty, I wouldn't have brought these products if it wasn't for the 3 for 2 offer. They are nice products to have, but they didn't completely wow me.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Acid Washed Nails.

Just at the right time as I was ready to do my nails, I spotted Musical House's mani photo on Instagram. After reading her blog post on the Acid washed nails, I thought I give it a go as it sounded really simple to create.

First I used China Glaze First Mate as the base colour, I applied two coats until it was opaque.

After the blue was completely dried, I used OPI Bride's Bouquet and applied one layer on top. 

Then using a cotton bud, I dipped it in nail varnish remover and lightly cleaned the white polish off. You have to be patient and do it slowly and with a light hand, otherwise you will completely remove both colours. You don't want to complete remove the white, the messier the effect the better it looks.

I really want to try a multi-colour acid wash nail look next and experiment with a whole bunch of colours :D

Sunday, 8 July 2012

A Week Through Instagram #24

Currently watching BIG <3
Scampi & Chips.
She Said Beauty July Box.
More Nanoblocks! Drum set...

Duck and duckling.
Yankee Candles lip balms, so cute!
Cheeky YSL order.
Tabio Garter Tights.

Wearing YSL Glossy Stain in #7.
A bunny in the sky!!
Finally dug out my Versace x H&M scarf to wear.
Late Boots lunch.

Cute Stormtrooper light keyring, eee it's legs light up XD
Used this hair dye...
...the results.
New tops I grabbed from the Topshop sale.

Acid washed nails. Will do separate post for this soon.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Brand Focus: Skinfood.

I love Skinfood. I have to say it's my favourite Korean brand, I guess I'm bias towards this brand because of the vast variety of different 'food' combos in their products.

I haven't brought anything recently from Skinfood, however since I last made a purchase they have released so many new varieties of products.

I know that Skinfood is really cheap in Korea, so I can't justify buying from online sources anymore. If I get a chance to go to S.Korea, I will haul like crazy :D Prices in Hong Kong are so marked up, I didn't bother.

As you can see, I hoard some of my favourite products that I brought online a while ago.
I love the Peach Sake range, it smells really nice and it makes my skin so smooth and soft. I finished the BB Cream from the range, and would re-purchase when I finish other BB Creams. The price on eBay fpr the BB Cream is decent compared to the Korean price (£7 vs £5).

Aside from the Peach Sake range, I also really like the Black Bean Nose pack which is basically like the black Biore nose strips. They work really well for me and I like how they are black so I can see the gunk that comes out hahaha.

I am currently using the Black Bean Eyebrow pencil, I love this product as it's more like the crayon type which twist up. I find I have more control with the application with these types of eyebrow pencil, there is also a brush on the other end to smudge harsh edges.

One of my favourite sleeping mask. It's in a pump form bottle and it smells really nice too, actually everything smells nice haha. I use one small pump for my whole face and in the morning my skin looks and feels so soft. In terms of the whitening, I don't think it whitens my skin. I don't care for that factor anyway so I don't pay attention as much. However I did find that my skin has gone paler since I started using Korean/Japanese products...

I would love to try more of Skinfood's ranges and their make-up products when I get the chance.

EDIT: Oh so I was casually browsing G-Market as you do, and found a store that sells Skinfood which ships to the UK! Yay!

Have you tried Skinfood? What are your favourite products?

Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Week Through Instagram #23

Late night snack shopping in Chinatown.

Camden Passage, Islington. Lots of real gems along here!
Lunch at The Diner, Islington.
Steak & Eggs.
Baby Back Ribs with chips and coleslaw.

Taro Bubble Tea.
Found a lovely comic book shop in Soho.
Bought a couple of old comics.
Penhaligon London Bath Set.

Hello Kitty padlock and key.
China & Great Britain flag bunting.
The sun wants to come out!
Rara skirt & brogues.

Flat peaches, so sweet!
Mr robot clock.
Heart strawberry on a heart spoon.
A twist on the usual leopard print.