Sunday, 29 April 2012

A Week Through Instagram #14

Between the gaps.
Maccie Ds for lunch.
My Blue Chanel polishes.
Cute wedding invite.

Safety tunnel.
Veggie casserole and salad in Food for Thought (Covent Garden).
Hot choccie.
Maxim latte mixes in the Japan Centre.

Overpriced Japanese magazines in the Japan Centre.
Dinner with bestie at Preto, Brazilian Grill.
Dessert at Haagen Dazs.
Cakes in China Town.

Healthy breakfast.
Debenhams order came!
Damn ASOS sale... XD
8pm and still bright outside with birds singing.

April Glossybox: the Natural box.
Beautiful sunset.
Rainy rainy rainy -_-
Crispy chicken and sweet chilli sauce.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliners.

From top to bottom: Petrol Blue, Black Swan, Black Line.

Black Swan, Black Line, Petrol Blue.
Flash: Black Swan, Black Line, Petrol Blue.

These Pearlglide Intense Eyeliners shades came out a couple of months ago with the Vera collection, I read on some blogs that they are limited editions but there are some sources which states they are permanent. However they are still available online through the MAC website or other stocklists like Debenhams.

In terms of pencil eyeliners, I usually stick to the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils. They are still my HG pencil liners, but the Pearlglides come a very close second.

The Pearlglides are ridiculously creamy and they simply just glide on without any effort whatsoever. The only downside with them being so creamy is that they are really fragile, I dropped one recently by accident and the nib almost completely snapped off :/
Other than that small con that probably won't matter to anyone else, they are amazing.
Super pigmented, long lasting and a very intense colour. The swatches above shows how intense the colours are with just one light swipe, if you like the intensity of these eyeliners, then definitely try them. If not, go for the Urban Decay ones where you can build up the intensity.

Here are some quick swatches of both MAC Pearlglides and Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencils. Note that the Urban Decay swatches show the intensity after two or three layers, I did this to show how intense the shade can get compared to one swipe of the Pearlglides.

UD Binge, MAC Petrol Blue, UD Oil Slick, MAC Black Swan, UD Stash, MAC Black Line.

FlashUD Binge, MAC Petrol Blue, UD Oil Slick, MAC Black Swan, UD Stash, MAC Black Line.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Pretty Little Metals.

I'm such a sucker for pretty packaging, after studying advertising you would have thought I had known better. Na uh, not me. I'm that naive customer that just wants and grabs all things pretty and cute! :P

I have actually got a little collection of pretty metal packing (tins and cans) which I would like to share with you.

The pretty MOR tin which housed a lovely soap from Yasumi :) <3

Paul & Joe x Alice in Wonderland tin from the 2010 collection.

L'Occitane Happy Hands Tin.

Cute Tokidoki mint tins from Harvey Nichols.

Harvey Nichols exclusive Diet Coke collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier (it's a can shaped in a bottle xD). 
Back of the cans.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

A Week Through Instagram #13

Looking up!
Fluffy Clouds ^_^
Caramel hot chocfee.
Fried rice with Chinese Leaf and pork patty.

Healthy lunch at work.
Baby pineapple.
Revlon Lip Butters ad in Company Magazine.

Chinese veggies in my local supermarket, keeping them fresh by spraying water onto them.
Seafood pancake.
Chanel Morning Rose.
Western egg tart.

Lunch at Leon, Chicken and Chorizo with Rice and Slaw.
Baked Fries from Leon.
Cute Tokidoki tins.

Jean Paul Gaultier x Diet Coke Collab, exclusive to Harvey Nichols.
Treated myself ;)
Eyeliner in Bronzo.
My personal bodyguard <3 Daddy XD

Dinner! Chicken, mash and homemade coleslaw.
The sun shining through this morning.
Contrasting blossoms.
Lots of yummy chocs from Jenn! <3

vanity_fashionista on Instagram, also follow my lovely lil sis too :D anney_xo

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Fangirling: Rooftop Prince.

In all honesty I had my mind set to watch Rooftop Prince because of Park Yoochun. He has been doing so well as an actor and I was excited to see him in a new drama.
However after catching up with the latest episode (episode seven at the moment), it is easily becoming one of the best dramas I have seen. Here's hoping it carries on like this.

Rooftop Prince is a romantic comedy starring Park Yoochun and Ha Ji Min as the main cast.

"A Prince from the Joseon era, Lee Gak, is catapulted 300 years forward into the future in Seoul 2012 with his entourage, which includes Song Man Bo, Do Chi San and Woo Young Sul, when he tries to investigate the suspicious circumstances which surround the death of the girl he loved. In the present, he finds a girl who looks exactly like his beloved crown princess..."

It can be slightly confusing in the begging as it flicks through the past and future, and more so when the Yoochun, Ha Ji Min and Jung Yoo Mi plays two characters (one in the past and one in the future). The stroyline is really well written though and true to Korean style, everything and I mean everything links together lol. Along with the deep and serious storyline, the mix of comedy is so perfect. The characters are so hilarious, especially this cuties hahaha...

The long teaser has been deleted :( but check out this short one :D

I watch the English subbed episodes from KimchiDramas who are pretty quick with their subs.

Monday, 16 April 2012

A Week Through Instagram #12

Muji's Brown Sugar and Ginger Latte, so yummy! :D
Leftovers for lunch.
Rooftop Prince! Caught up and am totally loving it! I need to do a fangirl post on this, it's too funny XD
Late lunch.

Cute Crisps.
Sums up the weather this week; one minute sunny, the next rain and wind.
Zuneta and Debenhams haul.

Tea of the day: Teapigs Chocolate Flake Tea.
New Extra Strawberry Gum :D
Egg and Prawn Sub Roll.
Put my Hello Kitty brolly to good use.

Addicted to Air Penguin.
Packaging tea to send to lovely people.
Peanut, coconut and sesame tong yuen.
Blossoms are finally blooming :)

Friday, 13 April 2012

Max Factor's Colour Effect Flipsticks.

Exclusive to Superdrugs, the Max Factor's Colour Effect Flipsticks are "a double ended lipstick that gives you the creativity to create so many different lip looks with just one product" -Superdrug.

Honesty after seeing the promo photo, I was sold, they looked really awesome and fun to play with. I ended up with three of these Flipsticks.
Gipsy Red.
Boreal Mauve.
Blooming Pink.

Natural Light: Gipsy Red, Boreal Mauve, Blooming Pink.

Flash: Gipsy Red, Boreal Mauve, Blooming Pink.

Gipsy Red.

Boreal Mauve.

Blooming Pink.

The Flipsticks are really interesting, the above photos shows me wearing the darker shade all over my lips with the lighter shade in the centre. It was quite hard to capture on camera, but the glow and shine from the lighter shade was nice and subtle. It creates a kind of ombre effect when you use both shades together, yet the shades work well on their own too.
The formula is perfect; they go on a treat and are lovely and creamy. My favourite has to be Boreal Mauve.

Max Factor's Flipsticks are currently on offer online or in-stores in Superdrug for £6.49 each.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

NOTD: OPI Cuckoo For This Colour & China Glaze White Cap.

OPI Cuckoo For This Colour.

OPI Cuckoo For This Colour with China Glaze White Cap on top.

OPI Cuckoo For This Colour with China Glaze White Cap on top.

White Cap is one of those nail polishes that works best on top of another opaque shade, offering a beautiful gold and orange shimmering finish. It look so pretty on top of Cuckoo For This Colour which itself has white shimmer.

Thank you Rach for the China Glaze :) <3