Thursday, 29 March 2012

Chicken & Beef Pho

Pho is one of my favourite foods, it's delicious and perfect for any occasions. It is fairly simple to cook and prepare, the broth takes about a hour or so to prepare in order to release all the lovely flavours from the ingredients.

Today I'm going to attempt to show you how my mum cooks this amazing meal up.

This recipes feeds our family of six, but it can be altered to your taste.

1 large chicken, we use a old hen 'old chicken' in Chinese terms XD
1/2 kilo of beef, we use the leg.
A chuck of ginger.
Star anise.
2-3 carrots
Chicken Stock powder or umami seasoning.
Spring onions.
3 packets of pho or flat rice noodles.

First, boil the meat for a few minutes in a separate pan to get rid of the dirty stuff and kill off all the germs on the skin etc.
While that is boiling, boil the water for your soup.

The huge pan we use to cook the soup :P
Once the meat has oiled for a few minutes and is washed, transfer it into the soup pan. Add the ginger, carrots, star anise and the tips of the coriander bunches. 

The size of the beef we used. At this point the meat had started to soften so the seasoning is added. Salt and chicken stock powder. Instead of the chicken stock we used a small spoonful of Umami seasoning (available in Chinese supermarkets.)

Once the meat has fully soften, it can be taken out and shredded or cute into bitesize pieces.
The pho we use.

The pho only takes a few minutes to cook. Put the rice noodles into boiling water and turn the heat off when the noodles are soft but slightly chewy. Once you take it off the heat and you're not ready to eat yet, rinse the noodles in cold water to stop the cooking process (as it's still hot). When you are ready to eat, you can rinse the noodles again with boiled water. It's a long process but it's better than having soggy noodles.

Add the meat to the noodles. Add onions, spring onions and or coriander to your taste.

Pour in the soup and you're ready to eat. If you want a kick, add chilli sauce. A squeeze of lemon juice is really nice too.

I hope this has helped anyone who wanted to make pho but didn't know how. You can also substitute the chicken and beef with ox-tails which is also delicious.
If you have any questions, ask away and I will answer as soon as I can :)

Monday, 26 March 2012

A Week Through Instagram #9

Barry M's Croc Effect doesn't work on top of Fantasy Fire... 
My Dollyleo order.
Yummy Squares.
Beautiful day.

Delish combo.
Delish combo #2.
Dragon Fruit.
Crazy foggy morning.

Herbal Duck soup.
My drawing of Pikachu on 'Draw Something'.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Hong Kong: 金魚街 Goldfish Street.

金魚街 in Mongkok is a street filled with animals! Obviously the name gives it away as the majority are goldfishes, but as you walk further into the street you come across some of the cutest pets ever!

The fishes were so cheap in Hong Kong (prices on the bags), and they were really pretty fishes.
Having fishes as pets is really common for Chinese people as they are considered a lucky symbol in our culture.

These little turtles were dirt cheap too! Less than 80p for one of those big boys in the first photo! 

SO ADORABLE!! I want one!!

These were the only photos I managed to take before the shop owners caught me, but this street is so fun to visit. Some shops let the animals run around and they are so well behaved.

Monday, 19 March 2012

A Week Through Instagram #8

Hot Choccie day.
Crunky Popjoy are yummy!!
Just the usual convo with Siri, as you do...
New mustard Motel skirt.
My Sims having a partayy.
Leaf-less tree.
Love it when the sun shines in through on my side of the room.

Mocha day.
Old iPod mini with all my old tunez on <3
Fantasy Fire-fying my nails.
Cheung Fun.

Best fudge ever!
FOTD: Burberry Rosewood lipstick, MAC Blush in Buff, MAC Expensive Pink & Below Zero Eyeshadow.
Fish finger roll.
MAC haul (swatches coming soon).

Yesterday's haul (swatches coming soon too).

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Anna Sui!

Big big thanks to Christine who was super lovely and got me some Anna Sui to try out.
The packaging is really cute, I love the black with pretty swirly rose details. The only thing I was worried about was the smell. I've heard from many people that Anna Sui products have a rose scent and not many are so fond of it. So the first thing I did upon receiving these products was to have a sniff and holy moly the nail polishes have the strongest scent...They are toxic! LOL. Upon applying the polishes they have a much stronger smell than other nail polishes, D tells me it's because the older Anna Sui formula are not '3 free'. When the polish dries, the scent is a much sweeter overpowering rose smell. Something I didn't like...
Everything else though, I really enjoyed using!

Eye Color in 802 & 501
Face Color Accent 302
Lip Rouge V 360
Lip Gloss C 701
Anna Sui Nail Polish in 300 & 318.
300 layered on top of 318
Eye Color 802, Eye Colour 501, Lip Rouge V 360, Face Color Accent 302
Lip Gloss C 701
Wearing the eyeshadows and blush in both pics. I have the lipstick on in the first pic. In the second pic I'm wearing the gloss on top of pink stained lips from the lipstick.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Fangirling: Big Bang is Back!!

Okay, Big Bang have been back for a couple of weeks but I wanted to wait for their live performances before I go into full fangirl mode.

Lets forget about TOP's ice-cream inspired blue hair and GDragon's seaweed inspired (they said it themself XD) fringe thing and get to the awesome stuff.

Their album Alive is amazing, it has been on constant repeat for weeks now. Big Bang have also released three music videos (three?!) so far.
Blue, Bad Boy and my favourite song Fantastic Baby.


I absolutely love their stages! Big Bang are one of those bands that have the most amazing stage presence ever! <3
Fantastic Baby on Inkigayo...
Check out Big Bang's YouTube for Blue and Bad Boy performances too.

They have also been on Running Man, which is totally epic!! Big Bang VS Running Man!! It is so funny, I love Running Man! Check out part one and two.

Also according to news report they are coming to London as part of their Worldwide tour! Wow Fantastic Baby!! Who's going?! *hands up!!*

And it doesn't help that YG uploaded videos of their concert in Seoul...

Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Week Through Instagram #7

My glitter nails as you have probably seen from the last post :)
Close up of Metallic 4 Life. 
80s plastic heart studs from my mum.
Pink Jill Stuart eyelash curlers.

Tea from Jian! <3
My fishy got itself stuck in the barrel -_-
G-Dragon with Paperself eyelashes on his lips in Fantastic Baby XD 
A splash of milk in my tea.

More tea from Jian, so nice! <3
Rainy day.
Jam and custard Jammie Dodgers.
Chocolate Philly!!! 

My Anna Sui stash.
Pho broth cooking up nicely.
Pho ready to eat!
Homemade pandan swiss roll.

March Glossybox: Harrods Edition.
Slightly wonky Hello Kitty chocolate cheesecake.
My shadow, the only way I can be tall haha.
Simple food.

Will be posting the recipes of the pho, swiss roll and cheesecake soon :)