Monday, 30 January 2012

A Week Through Instagram #1

♥ Red lips for the first day of CNY (Tarte Lipsurgence in Swank, thank you D!)
 ♥ CNY nails (Ciate Kitten Heels and Petites Color Fever 24k Gold, thank you Jenn!)
♥ Teapigs Popcorn Tea (Genmaicha).
♥ Funny shaped prawn crackers.
♥ Finally finished folding the dragon Rilakkuma!
♥ Bamboo Chair in Hong Kong.
♥ Some goodies Postman Frank bought round.
♥ Pandan swiss roll.
♥ The clouds playing a game with me while I was trying to swatch the Infallible eyeshadows. 
♥ Is that you Sun?
♥ Yayy! :D
♥ Turnip cake.

♥ Chocolate Cheesecake.
♥ Cute Hello Kitty Valentine toy.
♥ My current nails. From thumb clockwise: OPI Take the Stage (thank you Jian!), Petites Color Fever 24k Gold, Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Black Magic with Barry M Croc Effect on top, Technic Carnival and NARS Schiap with leopard print drawn on with Models Own Nail Art pen.
One of my favourite apps at the moment and my current addiction. Temple Run!!

Friday, 27 January 2012

L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Addict.

Hello I'm Vicky and I'm becoming a Infallible eyeshadow addict...

Nine eyeshadows may not be a lot, but a couple of lovely friends from the US have grabbed me some shades exclusive to their drugstores too. I will keep you updated with those when I get them. There are still a couple of shades that I want to grab here too... XD

Why am I addicted to these? Because of a few enablers on my twitter list!! <3 And because they are extremely soft in texture and really pigmented in colour.
For £6.99 a pop, they are pretty affordable. Even better when they are on offer. Currently £3.99 in Superdrugs as far as I know.

This collection has both matte and shimmery shades, however the shimmery ones work a lot easier than the matte.
I found with the only matte shade I have (Sweet Strawberry), it is terribly hard to apply onto the eyes. I've tried both brush and fingers but the colour transfer is so minimal. It swatches on my arm easier.

No Flash: Forever Pink*, Permanent Khaki, Burning Black.

Flash: Forever Pink*, Permanent Khaki, Burning Black.

No Flash: Sweet Strawberry*, Sahara Treasure, Black Onyx*

Flash: Sweet Strawberry*, Sahara Treasure, Black Onyx*

No Flash: Bronze Goddess, Golden Mahogany*, Goldmine.
Flash: Bronze Goddess, Golden Mahogany*, Goldmine.

*Shades not available in the UK.

Thank you to Justine, Christine and Lynn who have gifted me with a few of these shades.
Some of these shades have different names in the US, therefore this infallible list that I compiled (with the help of Justine's post) might makes things a little easier (products names on the same row are the same).

Also check out my infallible enablers posts for more information and swatches: Justine, Christine, Jenn.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick: #33 La Distinguée.

Some of you may know that I really like matte lip products, however people tend to steer away from them as they can be drying on the lips.

La Distinguée is moisturising when applied, however if you have extremely dried lips I don't think these are the right lipsticks. I find that they can accentuate flaky lips, also after a few minutes it feels drying on your lips even though is isn't. Does that even make sense?

I managed to snap this lipstick on buyapowa last week.
It arrived a few days later gift wrapped...

La Distinguée is a beigey peachy coral that looks so natural on. I really love the colour, but not so much how it feels after a while. The more I think about it (I have it on now), the more it's started to bother me lol.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese (Lunar) New Year, may you have a healthy and prosperous 2012.
It's the year of the Dragon starting tomorrow, yay my year! I'm going to dig around and find lots of red to wear for the year ahead. 

In preparation for Chinese New Year...
Mini Lanterns in London China Town.
Dai gut (mardarin) symbolises good fortune, red carnations. 

Lai See Tong, Lucky Candy.

Thanks to Jian, I got creative this year:
Paper lanterns, see Jian's post on them here.

The result of four hours of papercutting. Slightly messing, but very proud of myself XD


Zongzi was cooked in that massive tin, after eight hours of cooking time, nom nom!

Kung Hai Fat Choi! 

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Armani Blushing Fabric in #2

Armani's Blushing Fabrics were on blush I wanted to try, and being a blush fiend I had to eventually! Thanks to Jamilla's awesome blog sale a while back, I was able to at a great price :)

I love the colour and texture of this blush, such a pretty raspberry shade. It's a gel like formula and blends a treat. I usually apply it dot by dot with my finger, gradually layering on the colour.

No Flash. Flash.

Friday, 13 January 2012

17 Wild Metallic Eyes: Purple.

These 17 Wild Metallic Eyes have been very popular amongst the blogsphere, and at £3.99 a pop I had always wanted to try them. The leopard print packaging being one of the factors why and also as these were apparently comparable to the Chanel potties.
Now I don't own any of the Chanel ones as I found them really shimmery and it didn't really wow me. When I swatched the 17 ones in stores I found the texture really similar to the MAC Paint Pots and they swatched quite beautifully (especially the Nude shade, which was out of stock!) I decided to grab a couple to try, the purple shade being one of them. Now when I swatched this pot when I got home, the texture was completely different to the tester in stores. It was indeed similar to the Chanel ones, a moussey creamy soft texture. I guess if exposed to the air for long enough it will dry out and turn Paint Pot like.

The swatch is pretty right? Yet when I applied it onto my eyes, it was simply a wash of lilac with shimmer. I found it hard to build the colour on because it was so creamy, the product just constantly moved if that makes sense.

No Flash, Flash.

The above photo shows a sheer wash of colour, which is pretty but I expected a intense purple.
I would wear this on its own as a daytime look but I've come to the conclusion that cream eyeshadows does not work for me, especially one with similar textures to this (MAC Paint Pots work better for me).
I have slightly oily eyelids and the 17 Wild Metallic Eyes are a no no in that case. I tried a primer but it makes no difference (creases within minutes!) whatsoever which is a disappointment as I was ready to purchase the Nude shade. There is nothing I can do but use this as a base...

17 Wild Metallic Eyes in Purple, the purple shade from the Hello Kitty Liberty Palette on top and the brown shade from the La Pensee palette on the crease and outer corner.

No Flash, Flash.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Guerlain Bargains.

Boxing day/January sales are the best times to snap up some amazing beauty bargains. There are many limited editions products (Holiday) items available.
I didn't brave the sales after Christmas, I hate crowds. However I was able to get a few bits online and Kelly was kind enough to offer to get me a couple of items from the Harrods sale.

Most of which were Guerlain, a brand who have one of the best sales. 50% off!

Here's what I bought:

Terracotta Terra Inca Radiant Powder.

Parure de Nuit Pressed Powder and Blush.

L'Ecrin 6 Couleurs in Rue de Rivoli.

Rouge Automatique in Flirt d'ur Jour.

It's totally worth checking out your nearest beauty counters as many still have a small selection of sale items left, the eyeshadow palette was one of those gems I found just the other day.

Did you manage to pick up anything in the sales?

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Thank you!! ♥♥

Happy New Year!!! :D

I have been seriously lacking on the blogging side, sorry! The lighting here is really bad and I have been enjoying my days off a little too much. Hopefully I'll get some photos taken real soon and get back to regular posting. 

One huge highlight of the past year is the amount of people I have had the opportunity of meeting and getting to know through Blogger and Twitter.

Through Blogger I was able to discover people's Twitter account and follow (stalk XD) them and vice versa. I feel so lucky to make so many dear friends through blogging and tweeting. I hope this year I can get to know you a lot better, meet many more of you and make many more friendship along this road. 

To you my friends. To you my followers. To you my inspiration.
Whether two years-I just realised, Vanity-Fashionista turned two today!!-, six months, one day, 30 minutes.

Some of these amazing friends over the past couple of months have spoiled me with overly generous love packs. I seriously don't need anymore make-up and skincare, in fact I'm trying to avoid the Spring collections. Wanna bet how well I do? (I'm inches away from purchasing MAC's Blush Ombres-both of them- already!!)

From Tiffany. A package filled with cuteness, thank you so much!  

From Jenn. A CP/swap package and omg so many extras, thank you so much! 

From Sheila. I bought the Dior palette from her blogsale and she added a sneaky Christmas gift too! Thank you so much! 

From Justine. A pink filled package and isn't the ornament pretty? Love handmade!! Thank you so much Justine! 

From Eva. More sneaky going ons! :D The HUGS chocolates are so yummy! Thank you so much! 

From Jian. A adorable handmade charm! Thank you so much! 

From Catherine. A total sneaky surprise! Thank you so much! 

From Elaine. I won Elaine's Christmas giveaway and am so excited to try everything. Thank yoou so much Elaine! 

And finally the contents of my Christmas Glossybox. I re-joined simply because I was so amazed at what was included in other people's blog (aigoo greedy me wanted one too) XD Eee I love it!! 

As you can see I'm swimming in products to try out and I can't wait!! If there is anything you want me to swatch first, feel free to let me know :)

I'm off to YouTube to watch Ep10 of 2NE1 TV now (yeah, I'm so late! :P)