Sunday, 1 April 2012

A Week Through Instagram #10

Hello Kitty Frames which I love!
And so does my lil sis.
Muji pudding mixes and latte galore, thanks so much to Rach!

All the lip products I have in one bag, why I have so many I don't know.
Chilling to Beast/B2st on my break, one of my fav kpop bands <3
New pair of multi-tongue Converses,
One of my favourite blushes, so so cheap. Daiso Multi Cheek blush in pink. One frigging dollar! :O

Made this mousse the other day.
How it turned out, such a weird pudding... lol
Walking home after a long day at work. Public transport is a pain in the evenings!
The flower that opens and closes.


  1. Mango and cheese? xD what a weird flavour haha. What did it taste like?

    1. Weird lol, I don't think I could try it again XD Really cheesy lol

  2. Ahhhhh!!!! <3

    You and your baby sister are just sooo cute! (she really looks so young! Ahhh I wish we could turn back time, everything seemed much better!)

    Wow so much muji foooood. And Ahhh I love that dolly wink lip balm....pity mine ran out ages ago :(

    What you walked home? Is that safe?!!!!

  3. I have to make the mango and cheese mousse thing now. In my Hello Kitty mould of course.
    I once had 5 different lip products in my bag - 1 tinted lip balm, 1 regular lip balm, 1 gloss, 1 bright lippie and 1 nude lippie. I'm prepared yo.

  4. Great pics! Muji does food? Amazing!! How does their food taste?

    1. Muji in Asia does food (which need to arrive here XD) Their food is pretty good, love the matcha latte :D x