Monday, 19 March 2012

A Week Through Instagram #8

Hot Choccie day.
Crunky Popjoy are yummy!!
Just the usual convo with Siri, as you do...
New mustard Motel skirt.
My Sims having a partayy.
Leaf-less tree.
Love it when the sun shines in through on my side of the room.

Mocha day.
Old iPod mini with all my old tunez on <3
Fantasy Fire-fying my nails.
Cheung Fun.

Best fudge ever!
FOTD: Burberry Rosewood lipstick, MAC Blush in Buff, MAC Expensive Pink & Below Zero Eyeshadow.
Fish finger roll.
MAC haul (swatches coming soon).

Yesterday's haul (swatches coming soon too).


  1. ahhh i love that mustard pleated skirt!! ohhh the max factor lippies look interesting. looking forward to swatches XD

    omg super old school ipop mini!!! hehee i remember wanting one so badly in hs

  2. ooh so many hauls, cant wait to see them all

  3. Can't wait to read about your MAC haul in detail. I'm going through a MAC craze at the moment myself...

  4. Isn't it funny to look through old ipods? haha

  5. cheung funnn haha. Lovely instagram shots! I love how you capture bits of the week into one awesome post!