Monday, 20 February 2012

A Week Through Instagram #4

My lock screen and home screen.
Cinnamon Swirl.
New red additions to my wardrobe. Jumper: Gmarket, bag: H&M.
FOTD for most of the week :D
The make-up I used for the FOTD.
Pain au Chocolat.
Pho! Nomnomnom!!
Hello Kitty good luck charms (Thank you Yumeko!!) The golden nugget is for fortune, the lion dance fights of evil hence Hello Kitty in the costume (Thank you to Yumeko again for the translation).


  1. all your guys' charms are so cute!! the chanel blush *_* lovely fotd!! the choc croissant is making me drool hehehe

  2. Lavshuca, HK, and Noodles - sounds good to me!

  3. I should have gotten the white H&M satchel, we'll be matchy matchy then! I did not see the red version..

    RYC, I didn't purchase anything from the displays pictured in my post. I bought skincare - 2 toners and 2 cleansers - and clothes, omg I'm such a fashion addict >.<

  4. omg I love that H&M bag! And your new GMarket jumper. Those HK charms are uber adorable

  5. I'm so hungry. I loooove pastries!!! When my bf went to Morrison I was like NOOO WHY DIDNT YOU BUY ME A CINAMMON SWIRL?!! i love their cinammon swirls xD

    Very pretty FOTD that you've been wearing! And the charms that you got were cute too! :D I think we need all the luck we can get this year...

  6. Oh how I love instagram!
    And I really love that red sweater and your red bag definately worth the buy.

  7. Awwww~ has it been that long since I've commented. >< Love your new layout + header! So cute!

    I really love your red items! I've been inspired to search for some red items to incorporate into my own wardrobe. XD And lovely FOTD!!

    Aww~ the HK charms you got are too cute!

  8. the red bag is cute! hard to believe it's from H&M!