Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Les Tendres de Chanel: Les Roses.

Les Tendres de Chanel in Les Roses.

I picked this lovely highlighter and blush on my flight back from Hong Kong last October, I've only just taken it out of the packaging and started using a few days ago...
This powder is however only an inflight exclusive for Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines as far as I know.

Les Roses & Chanel Soleil de Chanel in Bronze Rose

Beside the shades it is the same format as the Chanel Bronzers from last summer's collection.

Swatched from top to bottom and then swirled together.
Taken with iPhone.

Chanel Poudre Tissee in Brompton Road & Les Roses.

I swatched it next to Brompton Road as the shade reminded me of the other gorgeous exclusive. It is indeed very similar in shade, Les Roses is only slightly warmer in pink. However with the different stripes in Les Roses, I'm sure we could get the exact shade as Brompton Road.

Taken with iPhone.

Brompton Road is still available on the US Chanel website if you are looking for something similar, although the price is $80!

Quick iPhone pic with Les Roses on. I swirled my brush along all four shades and top it up with a little more of the coral pink (last shade).

I got this inflight from Cathay Pacific for HK$420, about £34 with the current exchange rate.


  1. This is utterly prettttty!! Although it's also an exclusive so super hard to get hold of, its nice to know its like that other exclusive :P

    It looks sooo gorgeous on you! :D

  2. These pinks are so lovely against your complexion!

  3. They'll repromote them with this year's summer collection and I swear this time I'll definitely get them!

  4. The soft pinks are so lovely! Looks nice on you!

  5. Wah~ so expensive, I can't picture me being it. haha but I really like the colours from your swatches. Looks lovely.

  6. I have the same Rose palette - I got it last year via Hawaii though. I don't think it has the best texture for a blush but now that i've seen your swatch I'm gonna try and use it more! I do like the actually packaging - it's very sleek :D I haven't used the brush yet - looks a bit scary to use! LOL