Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Thank you!! ♥♥

Happy New Year!!! :D

I have been seriously lacking on the blogging side, sorry! The lighting here is really bad and I have been enjoying my days off a little too much. Hopefully I'll get some photos taken real soon and get back to regular posting. 

One huge highlight of the past year is the amount of people I have had the opportunity of meeting and getting to know through Blogger and Twitter.

Through Blogger I was able to discover people's Twitter account and follow (stalk XD) them and vice versa. I feel so lucky to make so many dear friends through blogging and tweeting. I hope this year I can get to know you a lot better, meet many more of you and make many more friendship along this road. 

To you my friends. To you my followers. To you my inspiration.
Whether two years-I just realised, Vanity-Fashionista turned two today!!-, six months, one day, 30 minutes.

Some of these amazing friends over the past couple of months have spoiled me with overly generous love packs. I seriously don't need anymore make-up and skincare, in fact I'm trying to avoid the Spring collections. Wanna bet how well I do? (I'm inches away from purchasing MAC's Blush Ombres-both of them- already!!)

From Tiffany. A package filled with cuteness, thank you so much!  

From Jenn. A CP/swap package and omg so many extras, thank you so much! 

From Sheila. I bought the Dior palette from her blogsale and she added a sneaky Christmas gift too! Thank you so much! 

From Justine. A pink filled package and isn't the ornament pretty? Love handmade!! Thank you so much Justine! 

From Eva. More sneaky going ons! :D The HUGS chocolates are so yummy! Thank you so much! 

From Jian. A adorable handmade charm! Thank you so much! 

From Catherine. A total sneaky surprise! Thank you so much! 

From Elaine. I won Elaine's Christmas giveaway and am so excited to try everything. Thank yoou so much Elaine! 

And finally the contents of my Christmas Glossybox. I re-joined simply because I was so amazed at what was included in other people's blog (aigoo greedy me wanted one too) XD Eee I love it!! 

As you can see I'm swimming in products to try out and I can't wait!! If there is anything you want me to swatch first, feel free to let me know :)

I'm off to YouTube to watch Ep10 of 2NE1 TV now (yeah, I'm so late! :P)


  1. So much love from everyone! I agree with you that through blogging, I was able to follow/stalk people on Twitter and many wonderful new friendships bloomed as a result. You are one of those lovely people that I am honored to call a friend.

    Happy New Year!


  2. I spot the Danmari palette. OMG gotta be quick with my review XD

  3. Ohh, everything looks so amazing! <3 I especially love Elaine's prize pack!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  4. Awww! So much love!!! *feels all warm inside* what would be even nicer would be able to meet everyone T.T

  5. Happy blog anniversary!!! Your glossybox looks so good in comparison to what I've been getting in the Canadian version. Then again we're still fresh but stiilllll haha

  6. you got a lot of nice things!! (:


  7. You're very welcome. <3 I'm so happy to have met you here on blogger!! Here's to many upcoming years of friendship and doing what we do best...blogging! hehe. And yay~ glad you liked the package. :D

  8. Welcome! And, I am glad the parcel had reached you safely! Enjoy the goodies!