Thursday, 29 September 2011

Maybelline Baked Blushes.

Maybelline recently released a range of products for Fashion Week for Fall 2011. A range which is available in the US as far as I know as I haven't seen them in the UK.
Within this range are three limited shades of their new baked blushes which Jenn kindly offered to pick up for me.

Pressworthy Pink: A cool tone candy baby pink.

Ravishing Rouge: A warm tone wine red.

Stage Glow: A cool tone pearly white highlight shade.

Here's a little look where I'm wearing Pressworthy Pink and Stage Glow as highlight (but you can't really see).

These baked blushes are said to be comparable to the Chanel Jous Contraste, check out Jenn's comparison here.

Thank you so much again Jenn! :)

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Liberty x Hello Kitty.

Yesterday saw the launch of the Liberty and Hello Kitty collection in the Liberty store.
I met up with Yasumi and did some hauling. It was a little disappointing as some of the things we wanted to have a look at and buy were not out yet but the collection itself is super cute!
My haul was mostly enabled by Yasumi, as it took some thinking and pushing in the right direction to make my purchase. So after our first trip into Liberty, a cuppa and a yummy cinnamon bun, we made our second visit to the third floor of Hello Kitty corner where I bought...

Notecards, Phone Case, Eyeshadow Palette.

Notecards Box.

Notecards designs.

Phone Case. I use it for my iPod Touch and it fits perfectly.

Eyeshadow Palette.

Contains eight shades.

Top Row.

Bottom Row.

The eyeshadows are soft and really pigmented, which is why it ended up both our hands :P
Here's a really quick look I created with the white, the taupey grey (first two on top row), the gunmental grey and midnight blue shade (last two on bottom row).

Blush is MAC Mineralize blush in Sakura.
Lipstick is Dior Addict in Basic.

The collection is available online on the Liberty website and will be available in Boots store in about two weeks time. You can see what they have here. No doubt I'll be grabbing more from this collection!

Check out Miss Yasumi's post about our day out! Here.


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Fangirling: Protect the Boss

I'm quite the fangirl, fangirling is a hobby of mine :P
I do it a lot home where my sisters are 'kind' enough to let me go on and on, I love fangirling with some of my favourite twitter girls too (Jian, Tiffany, Miss Shiny hehe, Eva, Lai Ying).

So what have I been fangirling over lately? 

[Warning: Youtube embedding craziness ahead!]

Protect the Boss.

If you haven't seen this yet, then do when you have chance. It is so funny and a refreshing change from the usually angsty dramas. The characters are so perfect for their roles, they do comedy SO well.

I love this OST and this fanvid!

A-Pink: Let Us Just Love.

And this amazing ballad:

Jaejoong: I'll Protect You.

It's still the same cliche, poor woman, rich guy storyline. However this women (No Eun Sol) is the stronger character while the guy is a childlike (adorable) character (Cha Ji Heon).

Talking of childish, he has a very erm unique relationship with his cousin Cha Mu Won XD. [Warning: Spoiler]

All I've done is post videos as opposed to summarise the, hopefully from the videos you can see how hilarious this drama is (even that itself is worth watching haha).

I've been watching the episodes from this website.
Protect the Boss finishes next week :( so I'm looking for something new to watch. Any recommendations? :)


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Paul & Joe Manhattan Collection Colour Palette: Central Park West.

Grabbed this beautiful palette at Harrods a couple of weeks ago. Originally I liked the look of Chelsea, but after swatching away with Yasumi and Kelly, Central Park West was the better palette.

Central Park West is a beautiful warm palette, consisting of four eyeshadows and one blush (centre shade).
The shades, especially the eyeshadows have a metallic sheen and I love the khaki shade as it's almost duo-chrome.

Natural light.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

OOTD with Lil Sis & FOTD

We get a lot of "are you both twins?" Erm no, we look nothing alike, right?

Yesterday my sister and I attended a fashion show at Freemasons Hall. She started university last week and as the budding young fashion student she was able to get a couple of tickets to the Fashion Shenzhen show.
I'm not sure whether I'll be doing a post on the fashion show itself as being short and sitting at the back, my already bad photos couldn't get any worse. However it was amazing as all shows that I've been lucky to see are, the atmosphere is overwhelming but really fun to be involved it (although it feels intimidating at times).

Our outfits of the day.

I wore: 
Blazer from H&M.
Black vest top: Primark.
Skirt: H&M.
Belt: Primark.
Necklace: Accessorize.

My sister wore:
Blazer: Pull and Bear.
Blouse: New Look.
Trousers: H&M.
Hat: Camden.

And my FOTD:

NARS Sheer Glow in Fiji.
Topshop Blush in Neon Rose.
Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes in 101 Smokey Quartz.
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Uzi and Eldorado.
Maybelline One by One Mascara.
Chanel Rouge Allure in Joyeuse.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Chanel Rouge Allure in Belgravia, Hyde Park and Kensington.

So I was only supposed to pop into Harrods, quickly grab some bits from Chanel for friends and get out of there.
It never works out like that does it? I ended up going into Harrods two times that day and spent hours walking around with my sister (that place is a maze!).
Speaking of Chanel, the Harrods exclusive Brompton Road Poudre Tissee is now out of stock in stores but still available online. 

Part of the Knightsbridge collection; the three Rouge Allures, which I had no intention of buying, ended up in my bag. Yes, all three of them...

From Top (clockwise): Belgravia, Kensington, Hyde Park.

Belgravia. Dusky Rose with gold and sliver shimmer.

Hyde Park. Coral Pink.

Kensington. Fuschia pink.

Belgravia, Hyde Park, Kensington.

Flash: Belgravia, Hyde Park, Kensington.

Belgravia: natural light, flash.

Hyde Park: natural light, flash.

Kensington: natural light, flash.

Bear in mind my camera is very temperamental when it comes to lipstick FOTD shots, much more prettier in real life :)

Available in Harrods stores only, for international orders they take phone orders.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Love Packs ♥

Over the few weeks or so, I've received a number of love packs from such amazing people that I'm so glad to be able to get to know.

From Yasumi. I won one of Yasumi's little twitter giveaways and got this lovely Art Deco palette with two eyeshadows. She was also kind enough to give me her Visee palette as I'm was curious about the pretty khakis :D

From Georgina. I had wanted to try the Etude House Tangerine Chox Blushes for a while and Georgina was kind to offer to grab them for me. She added so many extras to the package!

From Jian. Jian was so lovely to think of me while on holiday in the US. Can't wait to try the Wet and Wild palette! 

From Rach. OMG a box of Mooncakes all the way from Hong Kong! I was so excited, I still can't believe she sent a whole box haha! And some cute Sanrio goodies too.

From Kat. We did a small Chanel swap and Kat added a lovely Noevir Eye Colour which sits beautifully next to the cream blush she surprised me with before :)

From Christine and Shelia. LOL I had to start a new nail varnish box to store these new polishes in and sheet masks! <3

From Justine. And more sheet masks XD and omg blush heaven haha!

From Jenn. More blushers, I don't need anymore now :P Sweeties were so yummy and gone in a instant! And how cool does that mascara look?!

Lots of stuff to play around and keep me occupied, these items will be cropping up on my blog in the near future too :)
To: Yasumi, Georgina, Jian, Rach, Kat, Christine, Sheila, Justine, and Jenn. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart