Thursday, 30 June 2011

Canmake Cream Blush 02

Canmake Cream Blush in 02 Cherry Pink.

This blush was a lovely gift from Yasumi. These blushes are highly raved by many bloggers and I can totally see why.
Pigmented, easy to apply and blend and affordable, what more could you ask for? :)
 02 is such a cute meduim tone pink shade, this blush has tiny silver shimmer that sparkles under the light.


Thank you Yasumi! I love it! 

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

MAC Stereo Rose Dupe?

Remember when MAC's Stereo Rose was the highly sought product of last summer?
I'm not sure whether anyone is still interested in potential dupes but as I was playing around with my cheek stash last night, I stumbled upon a similar shade.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinsh in Stereo Rose. Estee Lauder (EL) Bronze Goddess Star Bronzing Blush.

MAC Stereo Rose. EL Star Bronzing Blush.
I got the above shade from the Estee Lauder blush by running my finger around both the star and the brown shade.

More swatches.
Paper: EL Bronzing Blush (just the Star). MAC Stereo Rose. EL Bronzing Blush (both shades).

Arm Swatch: EL Bronzing Blush (just the Star). MAC Stereo Rose. EL Bronzing Blush (both shades).

Blended: EL Bronzing Blush (just the Star). MAC Stereo Rose. EL Bronzing Blush (both shades).

I find that Stereo Rose is very similar to EL Bronzing Blush when the both shades are swatched together. Although Stereo Rose has a darker coral undertone, when blended into my cheek it is almost identical (unless you proper stare at it for a while in which you may see the difference.)
I couldn't take a decent enough photo of the products on my cheeks as the lighting today is all over the place, but this photo is both products applied with the Sigma small tapered brush.

MAC Stereo Rose (bottom). EL Bronzing Blush.

Almost identical meaning no, this is not a complete Stereo dupe, but a very good substitute.
And one which is currently still available at Debenhams, Boots, House of Fraser and many Estee Lauder counters in stores.

Monday, 27 June 2011

To My Collection... handmade collection! :D

My most recent purchases from two of the most loveliest ladies I've had the pleasure of getting to know!

 From the ROAR collection: Keeping It Together.
My favourite piece from Miss WorshipBlues so far, the safety pin and the keyhole and key is the most adorable things ever! <3

Tag and care note which are also a piece of art!

Keep an eye out as The WorshipBlues Emporium will house a few more delights from the ROAR collection soon~

Alice in Wonderland Bag Organiser, Spring Closure Pouch.

Made from gorgeous fabrics!

Spring Closure.

Lots of little compartments! <3

Sign up to both ladies newsletter (sidebar of their page) for updates and previews and get ready to grab some beautiful pieces, be quick or I'll grab them XD 

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Westfield Haul & Okinawa Day.

I finally got a weekend off work! :D
So I took my little sister to Westfield and Spitalfields for a fun filled day out. The weather was also on our side!
Sorry, this post is image heavy.

To make the journey less boring XD


At Westfield I meet the lovely Jamilla from Makeup For Professional Asian Women. Who is SO lovely and gorgeous! :)

Yummy choccies from Jamilla. Thank you!!

From Westfield we went to Spitalfields for Okinawa Day where we also saw Mr and Mrs WorshipBlues :P

Okinawa Tea Ceremony. 

Food stalls.


Okinawa carrot shiri shiri.

On our way home my sister and I stop off to rest out legs and have some ice cream in the shade.
Strawberry & Pistachio.

And finally my haul from our day out, most of the stuff were from Westfield and some were from Liverpool Street Station.

Paperchase: Cute notecards, ribbon and a mirror.

Boots: Ruby & Millie Face Gloss, Eyeliner brush and Lipgloss Pouch set.

Ruby & Millie are discontinuing their line, so I went into as many Boots as I came across to find some bargains. Their whole line is 75% off, most products are gone so be quick! 
The three items cost less than £10.
 The face gloss is said to give you a light flush to your cheeks, eyes or lips. The one above is in Fire and the tint is so subtle and glossy. I really liked it upon swatching...

R&M Face Gloss in Fire.

R&M Lipgloss in (from top) Sunset, Beige & Twilight.
(Brush applicator) Sunset, Beige & Twilight.

Claire's: Geisha keyring, Eyeshadow palette.

The only reason I got the palette was because of how similar it was to Jill Stuart Quads, it was just for laughs but after I swatched it, I was impressed!

Compared with my Jill Staurt Quad's packaging.


Ingredients list, it was so hard to picture! XD

This palette and another grey combo is on sale at the moment for half price.

Uniqlo: Save Japan UT tee, Alber Elbaz design.

How was your weekend?

Friday, 24 June 2011

GlossyBox: June

My June GlossyBox arrived this morning! 
To find out more about GlossyBox, check out my May box post.

What's in this month's box.

Mama Mio Omega Body Buff 125ml. Full Size: 200ml.
Lalique Perles de Laique Eau De Parfum. 4.5ml. Available in 50ml & 100ml bottles.
Bioeffect EGF Serum. Sample size worth £30. Available in 5ml & 15ml bottles. 
OPI Nail Lacquer in Extravagance. 3.75ml. Full Size: 15ml.
Batiste Original Dry Shampoo. 50ml. Full Size: 150ml

 Although I only know 2 out of 5 brands from this box, I am really happy with it.
I've seen that there are mixed reactions to this month's box. I can see why compared to the last box, but isn't the whole idea about GlossyBox trying out new brands? I'm sure we can't expect a full size product from a well known brand that everyone knows every month right?
I mean, personally I wouldn't use the perfume as it's not my kind of fragrance, nor would I use the serum as I don't feel the need to use a anti-age serum just yet. But I'm going to give it to my mum to try and the perfume to whoever wants it XD It's made from raw materials (bulgarian rose, bourbon pepper, orris, patchouli leaves and cashmere woods), it's too strong for me :P

What do you think? :)

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Hello Kitty!

I received my new phone case in the post today...

Isn't it adorable?!

It came with additional bows in four other colours so you can change it however often you wish.

I got this on ebay from this seller.

Oh and I've updated my blog sale page this morning, so please check that out :)