Thursday, 31 March 2011

Why Buy?

When you can use chocolate boxes!
Over the past few months, we have bought and been gifted a couple of boxes of Ferrero Rochers.
The chocolates were quickly devoured, but the box and the plastic compartments can be put to great use.

The compartments are a lovely size to fit rings, earrings and small to medium necklaces. The boxes itself are not too chunky and can be piled together neatly.

A nice cheaper alternative for one with masses of jewellery :P

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Spring Sale Spending.

Lookfantastic are currently having a Spring Sale which is ending tomorrow at 4pm (GMT+1).
As the sale is still going on I thought I share the with you my what I got :)

A lovely little palette which was released as part of BECCA's 2010 Christmas collection.
The palette contains 1.3g of:
Lip Gloss in Sunrise. 'A barely-there peach for fresh-faced beauty.'
Lip and Cheek Creme in Nectar. 'A gorgeous tawny peach for an effortlessly flawless complexion.'
Highlighter in Narcissus. 'A beautiful opalscent peach.'

It looks smaller than it does on screen; compared with my ipod touch.

Sunrise, Nectar, Narcissus.

Sunrise, Nectar, Narcissus.

A palette perfect for the summer and is a great size to throw in your bag. The packaging is also very travel friendly.
With this palette, you can create either a subtle or intense look. The lip and cheek creme is gorgeously pigmented and the highlighter is so beautiful and glowy!

'Light-diffusing creme, with added jojoba oil to moisturise, for all-over radiant skin and finish.'

Once blended into the skin, it leaves a lovely glow to skin with a even so slight shimmer, which makes it suitable to use all over the face.

Rose Glow blended out. Don't know if you can see the glow and the slight shimmer :S

Comparison of  Becca's Narcissus and JK's Rose Gold:
Rose Gold (bottom), Narcissus (top).

Rose Gold, Narcissus.

Both seem fairly similar, Rose Gold is exactly what it is, a rose gold. Narcissus is more orange. Both are equally as pretty for the brighter Spring and Summer days!

Butter London's No More Waity, Katie.

Three coats.

Dark lavender shade with lilac glitter. I have a light obsession with glitter polishes at the moment, still wanting a few from OPI's Katy Perry collection XD This polish applies on quite sheer, therefore I applied it in thick coats. It is however fast drying and applies pretty well (a little bit uneven due to the glitter).

Lookfantastic also have free shipping on all orders, including international orders! :D And you can also use 'ENDSPR' for £3 off a £25 order until tomorrow at 4pm too.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Dare To Wear Challenge.

Over at FunnyFace Beauty, Alicia has organised a challenge in aid of raising money for Japan.
For every Japan inspired look her subscribers create, Alicia's family will donate $10. It is that simple, you post the link(s) on her post and for every eligible entry, the money gets donated to Canadian Red Cross.
This is such a fun challenge and to raise money on top of that is a major plus. I decided to create a look inspired by Geishas, I love the bright lips, bold eye make up look.

I used these images as inspiration.

And came up with this. The flash on my camera made my skin much paler and Geisha-like on some of the pics :)

Chanel Vitalumerie Aqua B20
MAC Prep+Prime Finishing Powder
88 Eyeshadow Palette.
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Perversion.
Dolly Wink Black Liquid Eyeliner.
Maxfactor Lipfinity Lip Tint in Royal Plum (06)
Toly Moly Red Lip Tint.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Save or Splurge?

For clothes and bags I choose to save, meaning if I can find a cheaper alternative or similar looking item, I would buy it. I'm constantly switching between bags and clothes that I don't think I could justify spending a certain amount on designer just yet.

In my latest G-Market haul I manage to grab a beautiful 'designer inspired'(?) bag at a fraction of the designer price.
Before I reveal, here are the other items I got :)

Seller: 퀼트업
Fat quarters of some pretty fabric, I just need to decide what to make now!

Stock pic.

This seller has lots of lovely blouses in this listing, I think I might get some more!
This blouse is sheer and is lovely muted pink-beige colour, I love the contrasting collar and sleeve detail. It fits perfectly as a loose fit and comes up to just below my bum. 

Stock pic.

Now I don't know what you can call this bag, designer inspired, a mere copy? Nonetheless I bought this as it looks almost if not identical to Miu Miu's Vitello Lux bags. I had been lusting over this particular Miu Miu bag for so long, it's gorgeous!
This G-Market version is a good enough substitute. The faux leather is great quality and the handles are sturdy enough to carry a decent weight. The shoulder strap is the same material as those faux leather skinny belts, I'm not sure if I would use them if my bag was on the heavier side though. The bows are stitched together, so there is no worries of them falling apart. I chose grey as I realised I didn't have any grey bags! :P

Ordering this bag was either a hit or miss. The seller didn't have a drop down menu when you could find the particular bag and colour you wanted (as if that wasn't challenging enough eh?), instead you are required to type in your choice! Unless you could read Korean or have the Korean keyboard option, this particular way of ordering is nearly impossible. But as I really wanted this bag and the other sellers were out of stock, I found a way! I managed to match the name of the bag within the long title, the item description was in a form of a picture therefore we can't simply copy and paste :( for the colour, I typed it into google translate and matched the colour with what was on the listing (as in the Korean language, colours can have different spellings depending on the sentence and situation, I think). Thankfully I got the right bag!

So if you are thinking of ordering this bag, let me make it easier for you, just copy and paste the bolded text :) 
Grey: 미우카프 그레이
Black: 미우카프 블랙
Ivory: 미우카프 아이보리
Pink: 미우카프 핑크
Ivory and black are so hard to find! LOL. I had to even search on my own iTunes to find each individual characters, yeah I have nothing better to do :P

Save or Splurge? What do you do?

Sunday, 27 March 2011


Illamasqua's Bacterium.

From Illamasqua's S/S Toxic Nature Collection. Described as a 'pearlescent ash ochre'.
This nail polish is indeed a lovely unique shade and one which stood out for me, my first Illamasqua nail polish and definitely not the last! The formula is great and applies a treat!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Thrillin' Brazilian

Benefit Full Finish Lipstick in Thrillin' Brazilian.
A pretty golden peach-y shimmery lipstick.

I bought mine from the Benefit website as it was on sale :)

Monday, 21 March 2011


I really enjoyed doing the leopard print look (thank you for all your comments!) so I decided to do another one ;)
So here is my bubble inspired eye and nail look.
Well they're supposed to look like bubbles xD

Skin79 Oriental Gold BB Cream.
Eye: Light Blue from a 17 Palette as base colour. Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Electric (bubble) & Uzi (bubble shadow). Barry M Kohl Pencil #30 (bubble).
Define-a-lash mascara.

Nails: Eyeko Pastel Polish. Kiss White Draw on French Tip (bubbles).

Thursday, 17 March 2011

New Discoveries

During my day out on Saturday, I picked up a few stuff on impulse having become slightly excited at their discovery.

So we are no where near summer, nor do we exactly see much of Spring at the moment, but I saw a bunch of these on the shelves at Primark and just grabbed it. For £3 it's great value! I'll just have to wait for the sun to make a appearance now...

We finally have this eyeliner in the UK! I've seen it featured hugely in the blogging world and had always wanted to try it (I even searched on ebay for it one time!) but better late than never, it's here. I haven't tried it yet, but I'll probably compared it to MAC's fluidline in a future post.
Also picked up the new Maybelline One by One mascara. Both products are currently on offer in Superdrugs.

Look what I found on my latest visit to the Japan Centre! They have recently extended their range in products where there is a larger variety of magazines and books as well as a small selection of skincare products.
I've seen the Charcoal face pack all over ebay and had read up on a few reviews on it a while ago, so I was really excited to see it available in the UK at a great price of £3.49. The bath powders were £2.49 a box which is a fantastic price compared to what you can get online. I love these powders they are so relaxing.

Finally, yeah another Chanel blush! Browsing the counter, as you do, and was checking out the new releases. The words Rose Tourbillon instantly caught my eye as I remembered Jennifer mentioning on her blog that it was a Asia exclusive. I then searched other stores only to find that it is exclusively available in Selfridges (London, not sure about the other Selfridges stores). It is a gorgeous shade and smells of roses! <3 
Jennifer is doing CP's for these, but if anyone in the UK/Europe is having trouble finding them, I'm willing to CP. Give me a email and I see what I can do :)

Please check out my blogsale as I have once again updated it with lots of lovely items.
Also check out my previous 'Help Japan' post as I have updated it with lots of fantastic links.