Monday, 31 January 2011


T-Shirt: Wallpaper Rose
Cardigan: New Look
Skirt: River Island
Tights: ASOS
Necklace: Wallpaper Rose
Belt: New Look

I'm wearing two of my recent purchases from Wallpaper Rose, two items which are higher sought from their lovely shop. I had my eye on them for quite a long time and when they came into stock I immediately nabbed them. I think there was only one of T-shirts in stock and I was lucky enough to grab it, the lace collar is really cute! Although I'm not a huge fan of Harry Potter (don't kill me :P) I instantly fell in love with the golden snitch necklace, it is adorable and is the perfect length, love it!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Secret Tease

I wasn't going to do a post about this collection as I opened it at Christmas and thought it would have been no help to anyone as it'll probably be sold out. However I have spotted it at a few places, so I decided to post some swatches.

Jill Stuart's Secret Tease Collection was released in the latter months of last year. A gorgeous collection filled with romance, perfect for the upcoming Valentine day.

The collection came with a pretty silky make-up bag, fastened with a ribbon. It has two compartments a zipped up and a drawstring pouch.

Packaging wise, it's princess-y as always. For this collection they have added the extra lace print detailing.

The collection includes flirtatious feather fake lashes (glue included) and a perfume powder puff. 
The lashes are too extreme for me, but it's a lovely collector piece to have. The perfume puff has a nice subtle scent that just lingers on the skin.

Blossom Blush in 101 Sensual Dahlia, Lip Gloss in 102 Silky Pink, Eye Colour N in 104 Satin Lingerie.

Flash: Eye Colour, Lip Gloss, Blossom Blush.
No Flash: Eye Colour, Lip Gloss, Blossom Blush.

Beside the Blossom blush, I had never tried the other products before now. The Eye Colour is nice for a subtle shimmer to the eyelids, or possibly a highlight on the brow bone, it's applies on very smoothly.
The lipgloss is a little too thick and sticky for my liking, but it's a lovely shade and only a small size, so I guess I could live with it :)
The Brush included with the Blossom Blush is a very light pink colour compared to Jill Stuart's normal range which are white. It is really dense, so a little sweep of the blush is more than enough product needed.

This collection is available on ebay, beautieshk, boboadave, cosme-de and some other places if you do a search :) Cosme-de is the cheapest I've found (for the UK at least, inclusiding shipping).

What do you think of this collection? Got it? Want it?

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Enchanting Mess

The lovely Fiona from Makeup Savvy posted a pretty nail tutorial on stippled glitter nails yesterday (go check out her blog if you haven't done so before, one of my favs!).

For my attempt I used Eyeko Petite Polish for the base colour (three coats), OPI Cuckoo For This Colour as the stippling shade,OPI Bring On The Bling for the glitter, and Seche Vite for topcoat.
My sister says it looks enchanting, like fairy dust :)

Monday, 24 January 2011

Three Ways Of Gorgeous.

Since late last year I had been eyeing this beautiful dress. From afar I admire but never bought.
Early this year, on their (H&M) online store, I spotted it on sale. The perfect opportunity. 

It's a gorgeous dusky pink beige nude colour which you can wear three ways. I love the ruffles on the skirt and the ruched bodice.

Let me warn you now that the majority of these photos were taken with a tripod which I used for the first time, so a little dodgy, and excuse the peeping bra in one of the pics ¬¬

Straps can be slipped off (and falls onto the skirt) for a strapless or a one shoulder look.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Old Skills Back Into Use

(Dodgy BB Pic)
I dug out my portable sewing machine out today to help my mum sew something. As it was already set-up and ready it was the best time to start my 'sew again resolution'.
Racking my brains for a few minutes, I decided to make a passport cover for my little sister, seeing as she was going on a trip with her school soon.

I found this very simple tutorial online and used it as a guide.

Instead of just using two pieces of fabric, I also ironed on interfacing to one piece of fabric to stiffen it.
I used the same measurements given in the tutorial but while cutting the fabric I gave myself an extra 1cm (approx) for any mistakes as this was my first attempt. So about 16x31cm.
I bought my interfacing from etsy, but it's widely available online and in fabric stores. Hello Kitty fabric from the ever so lovely Yasumi and the floral fabric was from a market stall.

Hello Kitty Fabric & Interfacing (heavy to medium weight)

Floral fabric (for the inner lining) & Hello Kitty with interfacing ironed on.

Next you'll need to pin the fabric together with the right side facing inwards like so:

Sew around the edges, leaving a gap at the top (approx 5cm).

Trim the edges.

Turn it right side out through the gap. Use the back of a pencil, chopstick, or something long and small to poke it through if it's difficult to push through.
Fold in the two edges to your preference and pin.

Sew around the whole thing as close to the edge as possible (outside the previous stitches on mine)

For a added extra, I sewed on a button on the front and I used a hairband (:P as it was the only elastic I could find) as the fastener to secure the whole pouch.

For my first attempt I am extremely happy with myself ^_^
Now for my next challenge...

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Faith, Believe, Trust.

What I love about Disney Couture's Jewellery beside their beautiful and cute designs, is the short but lovely messages they have in some of their products.
I have a very small collection, but the majority of them have those encouraging messages. Some are cliche, but I think it's rather sweet.
I share with you my collection.

Pretty pouch

Disney Couture 14ct Gold Plated 'Sleeping Beauty' Castle Pendant And Bow Earrings Set. On sale at ASOS at the moment! 

Disney Couture 'Think of a Wonderful Thought' Enamel Bangle

Disney Couture Gold Plated Tinkerbell Triple Piece Interlocking Ring

And some potential future purchases ;)
Disney Couture Tinkerbell Triple Interlocking Bracelets With Black Lettering
Disney Couture 14ct Gold Plated "Think A Wonderful Thought" Ring

Do you like Disney Couture's Jewellery? Do you own some of their pieces?

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Love it or Hate It?

They take some patience as layer upon layer is when you get the full on sparkly effect.
They are a huge hassle to take off too.
But don't you just love them? :P

I was indecisive so I went for two shade! Nails Inc Heather Grey, OPI Bring On The Bling.

Glitter nail polishes, love it or hate it?

Friday, 14 January 2011

Macarons; Attempt One.

Above is the result of my first attempt at making macarons.
They taste really good and the filling is very good! I just need to work on making them rise more, and creating that 'bite' (?) like these xD and also work on the presentation haha.
My ones are as flat as a pancake!
I used this recipe from the BBC website. I forgot the vanilla pods, so added a little vanilla extract. I also added some sesame seeds on top to make them look pretty.

I will continue to work on this recipe until I get it perfect!
Have you made macarons before? Any tips? 

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Still Loving It...

MAC Soiree & Barry M Instant Effects

MAC's Soiree is from the Cham-Pale collection, a lovely opaque gold shade. Sold out online, so if you can pick this up in stores, definitely do as it's such a great polish to add to your collection.
I'm am still loving the Instant Effect polish from Barry M. A great polish to experiment with :)

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Blue Suede...Erm Nails.

Orly Blue Suede

This nail polish choice was purely because of the packaging, the bottle looked unique and stood out from the other Orly shades, so I just took it.
I had my top coat on hand prior painting my nails. However as soon as I applied Blue Suede, it dried instantly and matte too! I then inspected the bottle:
'A fast drying, matte nail lacquer'
I love watching it dry! The only downside is that I found it chipped really quickly (one nail chipped within one day).