Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Jill Stuart vs Dior Addict Lipsticks.

Remember my previous post about Jill Stuart's lipstick? I mentioned that I found them to be very similar to the Dior Addicts, well here's a little comparison to show you what I mean.


Both Dior and Jill Stuart's lipstick are creamy in texture, they glide on very well and smoothly onto the lips. Pigmentation-wise, they are also very similar (see swatches below). They are not extremely pigmented but the level of pigmentation is identical.
Jill Stuart is a tiny bit glossier than Dior, but it isn't a major difference.

Jill Stuart Rosy Coral, Dior Addict Basic, Dior Addict Diorkiss.

All in all, if you can get hold of Jill Stuart definitely give these lipsticks a try. They work out cheaper than Dior based on the Jill Stuart (retail) price in Hong Kong than the Dior (retail) price in the UK. Jill Stuart: HK$220 (about £18) vs Dior: £22. It may or may not work out cheaper for everyone, depends on exchange rate at the moment.

I hope this answers some questions some of my lovely readers had in that earlier post.


  1. I have a JS lip pot which I love. I love JS so much!! :D And Dior too! Great swatches!!

  2. PRETTTTTTTTY!!!! <3

    Although I swear Dior works out cheaper in HK too. That place is CHEEEEAP! And they don't even pay as much tax, and food is cheap! The only thing that really isn't cheap is accommodation! the prices of the houses and flats is phenomenal!

  3. Ooh, thanks for this comparison Vicky!! I've been curious of both Jill Stuart and Dior Addicts. Even here though, I feel like Jill Stuart isn't as easily accessibile except in the random Asian stores I come across every so often. XD

  4. whaaat? cheaper than dior?? def gonna check them out when i head to TW. i just hate going to the counters bc the SAs watch u like a hawk. not like here where i can go crazy w the swatches hehe

    thanks for the comparison =D

  5. i wanna try them all hehe XD i'm just curious hehe

  6. Great post! All three shades look super pretty! I especially love the look of the Jill Stuart lipstick!

  7. I love Dior Addict lippies and Jill Stuart in general but always focused on their face products like blush etc. The JS lipstick looks gorgeous....You may say you are easily enabled but I think you are quite gd at enabling others - lol! Gosh I'm going to a JS counter today to check it out...