Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Collection 2000 Cream Puffs.

I love the cute names of these collection 2000 Lip Creams. I have all four of the Cream Puffs as I really love the formula and how they apply. And plus they are super cheap at £2.99 each, even better when Superdrug or Boots have them on 3 for 2! :)

The Cream Puffs have a matte finish, I really like matte lip products at the moment. These are really creamy and are very pigmented.

I love all the shades except #2 Powder Puff which is way to pale for my already pale complexion. Not a good look at all.
#1 Cotton Candy, #2 Powder Puff, #3 Fairy Cake, #4 Angel Delight.

#1 Cotton Candy: Natural Light, Flash.

#2 Powder Puff: Natural Light, Flash.

#3 Fairy Cake: Natural Light, Flash.

#4 Angel Delight: Natural Light, Flash.


  1. i have two of them tooo n i love them sooo much

  2. The names of these are so cute!! I like Cotton Candy and Fairy Cake xD

  3. Lovely lippies! The name "cream puff" is so cute too. Really loving Cotton Candy and Fairy Cake (too cute of a name!). :D

  4. the name is SO CUTE~
    they apply matte? i am trying to imagine how it would be since they are creamy too.