Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Chanel Rogue Allure Laque in Ming.

Me, I'm too easily enabled! A few raves and swatches and it's straight on my wishlist...
Chanel Rouge Allure being one of too many of these lemmings.
Ming, along with a few more shades were on the list. While I was out with Yasumi yesterday, a few mentions of Debenham card points due to expire and Ming being her favourite, this beauty was redeemed.

Ming is a creamy mauve pink colour. Like many bloggers mentioned, it's like a lipstick but in a cream form. It is pigmented but not drying as perhaps some lipsticks are. I for one am in love with this formula, I need to swatch those Collection 2000 Cream Puffs for you soon as those reminds me of this a little.


  1. This is an ideal colour for your complexion!

  2. Lovely! This looks beautiful on you.

  3. -gasp ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Really love this color on you~ It really brightens up your face~ :] great redemption pick~!