Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Swatched! Chanel Poudre Tissee in Brompton Road.

So here it is, the swatches.
I'm surprised at how quick I was to want to swatch it, as usually I'm one to keep it aside for a while then swatch it when I come across it again in my bag of 'new make-up'. However I was curious about how it would look on me and especially if the double Cs were am overspray or not.

So without further ado... (quite picture heavy, some are of the same thing but I couldn't decide which one to keep. It's pretty, so we can look at it again right? :P)

Comes with a brush. Compact and brush in their pouches.

If you have seen or have the Ombre Tissee from Chanel's Aquarelles collection (exclusive to Selfridges in London), then the Poudre Tissee is very similar. 
There is a thin glitter overlay on top, which upon application just brushes away so no fear of looking like a disco ball :)
The photo I posted yesterday with the flash shows the sparkles more:

Swatched: Pink background, White double Cs, Mixed together.

Seeing as the powder is both a blush and highlighter, it's probably a given that the double Cs would run all the way through the compact, no?
In the posts that I linked to yesterday, it seem as though it was just a pretty overspray. When swatching with my fingers, there was a point when I thought that it was indeed a overspray. However when I used the brush to apply it onto my cheeks, it went back to the way it was at first. I was slightly confused, so I scratched through a little section (not all the way through, I'm not that crazy! XD) It seems to run all the way through, yayy!

On the cheeks...


In case you missed it in my last post. Available exclusively at Harrods online and in store for three weeks only. Go grab it while you can! 


  1. It's gorgeous! Looks wonderful against your pale skin!

  2. No Anna, you mustn't buy this, you don't need this - but it's so pretty - yeah and you wouldn't touch it because it's even more limited than the Byzance collection - but the colour fits me - and it's glitter and glitter blushes make you skin look awful - but but but T_T

  3. WOW!!!!! But babe....that SA made it look so sheer...*smacks head*

    I wish i got this now...its beautiful!!

  4. wow... looks gorgeous on ur skintone! will die just to get it but its exclusive to harrods london :(

  5. Damn....now I kinda, sorta want it. I've seen the Beiges Ombre Tissee and deemed it all sorts of ugly but now this.....this makes me think otherwise of the collection....

  6. If only I had the gulls to spend all my book money for school on this. I so would ;___;

  7. It looks beautiful against your pale skin. A lovely color on you.


  8. wahhhh u swatched it. i cry T_T hahaha wow that is just so beautiful!!! a perfect collector's item for the chanel fangirl hehe

  9. two words: MUST HAVE!

    It looks gorgeous on you hun~ soon Beiges will keep it company XD

  10. This is super gorgeous. I wish they have it in the US. Thanks for the swatches.

  11. they looks so gorgeous like diamond sequins!!

  12. wow the texture and pattern looks really pretty! that's a lovely pink shade too!!

  13. This looks beautiful! Thank you for all the detail photos. Do you know if it is similar in colour to the Tweed Pink blush?

  14. @Madeline: Thank you for reading! Sorry but I don't have Tweed Pink to compare it with :( x