Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Hello Christmas!

Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier each year. Christmas cards, wrapping paper, gifts, holiday collections, they're all out!
I don't know what you think of it, but it does my bank account no good! Tricking us to buy for others when eventually you end up buying for yourself! :P

I've compiled a small list of potential gifts for family and friends (yeah and myself), I've decided to share so you can get a idea of what's available :D

Paul & Joe ASOS Exclusive Skincare Set

Girls Aloud Eylure Eyelash Set With Pouch
Korres All I Want For Christmas Gift Set

All the above from They currently have 20% off with the code 'PARTY'.

Lunasol Party Coffret.

Dior Minaudiere Palettes

Guerlain Meteorites Poudre D’Or Exceptional Pressed Powder & Meteorites Perles D’Or Illuminating Powder

MAC A Tartan Tale Collection

Beside the above I'm am looking forway to seeing the Models Own and WAH Nail's release of nail art pens.

Speaking of gifts, I'm sure everyone loves a lovely surprise. Whether it's giving or receiving gifts, making someone smile is something I love.
I've joined a blogger's Secret Santa organised by Sheila over at Maddy Loves. Do check it out and join if you can, it'll be great fun!

Thank you for the birthday wishes on the last post! :) x


EDIT: Opps forgot to credit :P Photo from:

26.10.2010: Another year older, another year stronger and wiser (although sometimes I still feel like that little girl inside :P)

It's been a year of lots of ups and down, and as my birthday is now over, time to reflect. I've learnt so much.

I've been at my part time job for three years now (gone way too quick!) and through it, dealing with customers and even my colleagues, I've become so thick skinned and it's made me stronger and have the confidence I never knew I had within me.

I'm a newly graduate! Well graduation is in December, but nonetheless education is over. The past three years of the course, I have built on my team work skills and meet some of the most wonderful people ever. However there was a point, just before I jumped the last hurdle towards the finishing line, where I just wanted to give it all up. Uni, education, writing...the people I worked in a particular group made me so down, made me feel so incompetent and on top of that the stress of meeting deadlines was getting too much. But I had amazing people around me, with a shoulder to lean/cry on, and the best listening ear, I got through it.

This year is when I started blogging, and I'm overwhelmed with the support and love from my followers and fellow bloggers. I’ve spoken to and meet some wonderful, amazing people. Thank you! :D

Cherish those around you, don't be afraid to share your problems. If you have no one to talk to, you can talk to me :)
Okay enough babbling, some stuff to share.

My nails :D
Beautiful lavender shade, Koji Dollywink nail color in 07 Lavender. Prize from the lovely Worship Blues. On top of it was Canmake Colorful Nails in 17 Frosty Silver.
Tried to create something similar to what Eki had before on her blog :)

My little sister surprised me with this gift and I had to share, because it is such a great deal.
The Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden drawer set. Currently available at Boots for less than half price until Thursday! It's actually already sold out online, so try and seek it out in stores.
It's the perfect spa treatment kit to indulge in after a long day at work, uni, college, school etc. Perfect gift for almost everyone. Or even better, go treat yourself, you deserve it :)

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Princess Blush

Such gorgeous, pretty, luxurious packaging. My first indulgence in Jill Stuart cosmetics.
I adore the Princess feel to the blush, the bow detailing, the silver, the 'J', I can't stop looking at it! :P
Jill Stuart Blossom Blush Dual Cheek Colour in 05 Peotic Daisy, limited shade. The lighter pale pink used as a highlight and the beautiful peachy coral as the blush. So pigmented!
The brush is really cute and ideal for travelling, it's lovely and dense. Perfect for application.
Bought from Newly registered members get $5 off their orders. Shipped from Hong Kong via registered mail.

Anyone has Jill Stuart in their collection?

Thursday, 21 October 2010


My sister and I decided to go to Greenwich in search for Johnny Depp who is filming around the area for the new instalment for Pirates of the Carribean...yeah right! :P I wish!
He's probably back in the US or elsewhere in the UK, but a girl can dream that she has the time to stalk XD
Infact we were there for my sister's dental appointment, a spot of lunch and instead of searching for Mr Depp, we were in search of some bargains.

Here is my day in photos...
(Those who follow me on twitter will already now some of these events of our day :P)

 Got this in the post this morning, completely forgot I was expecting this (total fail!). Lovely vintage bag I managed to snap up at a blog sale for £3!

 Loving the ROCKNROSE Bella Hairband. It is so pretty and cute! Beautifully handmade and can be also used as a necklace or bracelet.

Lunch at Starbucks! Peppermint hot choccie, steak and cheese panini and twitter on the side :P

A bit of a 'erm huh?' moment for us. So I ordered a tall hazelnut hot choccie for my sister, the girl behind me ordered the same but in grande. The lady behind the counter calls out my sister's drink and as I just about to grab it, the girl behind me took it and stormed out in a rush. So she took the tall size drink and left the grande for me sister. Gee thanks! :D
How can one not notice that you picked up the wrong size? I mean look at the difference!

Look how cute! A Christmas gift set in Superdrug, a set of four Vaseline lip balms in a huge case.

Hauled quite a lot of jewellery has you can see. All on sale :)
First lot is from Matalan who had 70% off all jewellery, every item in the photo was less than £2!
Second lot from Diva at Miss Selfridge. Loving the embroidered ring and in XS, it fits perfectly! :D
The dress is also from Miss Selfridge, it's in a size 4, which is two sizes smaller than what I am. Funnily enough though it fits!

Anyone attacked the sales yet?

Quick mention of my blog sale, added a few items on the bottom of the post. Please check it out :)

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Autumn Dusk

Autumn's here, well actually it feels like winter! So time to dig out those dark nail polish shades!
One of the newest shade by Barry M: Dusky Mauve.
Really pretty mauve shade which resembles the Autumn skies at dusk. Perfect polish for this season.
Said to be a very very close dupe of Chanel's Paradoxal by Lipglossing.
If you look close enough, you can see purple sparkly shimmer :D

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Food For Thought

31 Neal Street, London, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9PR.
Cash only. Take-away available.

What are you like with food?
Are you a fussy eater? Or are you welcome to try anything to explore the depths of you palette?
What do you love? What do you not like?

Me, I'm a very open minded person who is willing to try out anything.
There are a small few foods that I am not fond off, but I'm up for trying them in different dishes.
Wherever you want to take me to eat, I'll be right beside you! :D

Helen, as many of you must know, is on the road to a healthier lifestyle. With this she has also set herself a task of reviewing the countless vegan and vegetarian restuarants of London. Whenever I can, I love joining her on her journey. 

Carrot and Courgette Fritters with Beetroot Cous Cous and Potatoes. Strawberry and Banana Scruch.
Apple and Pear Crumble. Shepherdess Pie.

Food for Thought is the second restuarant we had the pleasure of having dinner in a few weeks back.
Located in Covent Garden, it is such a lovely place to be in. The atmosphere is so different to what you usually see in London. The staff, the customers, everyone is so friendly and welcoming. As it is a very small place, at busier times, you may be required to share a table. 

Their meals are SO filling. Both Helen and I opted for a main meal and dessert and it was so wholesome and delicious, I had trouble finishing my meal as the portions were a very generous size.
I can't wait to go back there again, it was such a memorable experience.
Check out Helen's review of Food for Thought here.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

That Ring To It

Despite having trouble finding rings that fit my small fingers, I have a huge obsession for all pretty and cute rings. 
I share with you a selection of my current favourites...

 Leaf: Topshop, Rose: ASOS, Owl: H&M
Bow: Peacocks, Birds: Primark, Horseshoe: ASOS
Buckle: Ebay, Heart: Peacocks, Bow: Zipia

The newest addition is this really cute double ring :)

I also woke up to find my followers count hit 200 today! Thank you all so so much, it means a lot to know you enjoy reading my posts :D

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Monday, 11 October 2010


....The weather that is. The sun came out today but it was still rather chilly therefore the knitwear still came out, and occasionally the scarf too...

Cardigan: Miss Selfridge
Blouse: Ebay.
Necklace: EkiLove
Bag: Paul's Boutique
Ring: H&M

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Nails: Mean & Green...and SO Gorgeous!

The first chance I get to re-do my nails I made a grab for MAC's Mean & Green from their Vemonous Villians Collection. It's a pretty shade which varies under different lighting. In natural light it shows a green base polish with light magenta pink specks of shimmer.
As I am still loving Barry M's Instant Effects polish I added that ontop of a few of my nails :) LOL a orange was the first item I grabbed in order to be able to take a shot of all five nails effectively :P

Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday and I hope the sun is shining where you are!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

MAC Venomous Villians Haul

MAC VV Haul arrived today!! :D
Super excited and I can not wait to try it all out!

Now I know there are countless blog posts about this collection with swatches that are much better quality than my pics, therefore I didn't swatch every item. This is purely me sharing my excitement with my lovely readers :) and hopefully get you excited for the collection when it hits the stores tomorrow in the UK!
Packaging wise, I love the sketches on the cardboard rather than the printed images on the actual product. All in all though I like it, it doesn't bother me too much.

Nail polishes! I bought all three! They were on my wishlist from the beginning as I mention on a previous post.
Mean&Green, Formidable, Bad Fairy
Gorgeous shades, from the Maleficent corner of the collection. My favourite items of the haul. My next few NOTD will be these polishes! :) Keep your eyes peeled for those!

Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Cajun.

From the Dr Facilier range I bought this powder as it was such a interesting concept and I wanted to try it out for myself. I was going to choose the other available shade 'Truth and Light' but I figure I had quite a few light highlighting powders already therefore opted for this shade. The cool sensation as the powder hits your skin is so weird, it's said that this powder contains 70% liquid and leaves a liquid finish! Cajun is a lovely golden, bronze shade, can be used as a hightlighter, bronzer, eyeshadow...almost anything. It is also easily buildable too.

Lipstick in Toxic Tale.

From the Evil Queen section I chose this lipstick. This has been hugely raved in the blogging world and although it is not really my sort of shade-I'm a more subtle, nudey shade kinda girl-I loved the swatches and wanted to give it a go. It's such a bright coral colour and really is quite lovely. I'm excited to play around with it.

Cajun, Toxic Tale.

This is my MAC VV wishlist cut back to five items, I intially had a very long list until I saw the prices and cut it WAY down.
The beauty powders and blushes are nice but not essential, I have lots to use up anyway :P
I also wanted to get a few more of the lipsticks, like the lovely pinky-nude 'Innocence. Beware!' and the bright opague 'Violetta'. I was SO tempted, but held back. Now I am lusting after a purple, lilac lipstick for some reason, I might hit the shops and check out Violetta and other similar shades. Anyone have any recommendations?
Anyone hauling or have hauled MAC's VV Collection?

Monday, 4 October 2010

apopofkawaii Haul

I recently receive my Japanese haul which I purchased from apopofkawaii who is owned by the lovely Nicola.
Almost all the products I bought were Canmake, a very afforadble brand which has started to grow on me. I also bought a cute Dollywink eyelashes case and the eyelashes were a free gift with my order :) Thank you Nic!

Canmake Colorful Nails in Frosty Silver [17] and Cinnamon Pearl [31]
Nicola has a huge range of shades available, you'll will need to email her for the shades that are not online :)
Frosty Silver is a glitter polish with a clear base, it's perfect for layering on top of pastel shades.
Cinnamon pearl is a gorgeous light pearl pink with shimmer. It's such a lovely subtle colour.

Canmake Nudy Glow Rouge in Strawberry Whip. Canmake Melty Nude Lips in Baby Pink.
Love how the colours I chose compliments each other.
The lipstick is really creamy and glides on really well as I swatched it.
The lipgloss had a brush applicator and doesn't seem too sticky when swatched.

Lipgloss (Top) Lipstick (Bottom)


Bascially this haul was the result of lots of postive reviews I read on various blogs :P I can't wait to start using them, and I'll probably do reviews for these products in future posts.

I have more haul posts to post in the next few days or so. I've accumulated some stuff over the past few months XD