Saturday, 30 January 2010

Haulings in the Past Week!

I been shopping...again! For the past week i've spent quite a bit on accessories, make up, clothes. Basically everything and anything! (Warning: Long post! XD)
I'll start with the online orders...

Shu Uemura Limited Edition Iconic Discovery Set

After consulting with Helen we thought it was a good deal.
In this set you get the highly raved about eyelash curlers, a full size UV Under Base Mousse with SPF30, and a 50ml sample of the High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil. All three for £41, saving you £12.50.
This was the first time i had ordered from beautyexpert and i'm am really impressed, their service was extremely quick (they shipped my item the next day), the parcel was package really well and every order includes a little sample. Will definitely order again from them.
Amongst a random hosiery order was this beauty. It was love at first sight and i couldn't resist! It's really really beautiful, i love the lace trend at the moment and this was just perfect. Power shoulders, cowl neck, black. Perfect for any occasions, you can dress it up or down. £45.

Miss Selfridge:

I had a free delivery code and students got 20% discount with their NUS card so i jumped at the chance to check out their site. The floral top is my favourite from the order, it's quite thin though and a little sheer but it's floaty, soft and so pretty! £20 before discounts.
The picture for the next top was so rushed it does not do the top any justice, it's really cute. I got a size 8 which is my size, but it's bigger as it's one of those loose, baggy tops. The neckline is wide so you can wear it off the shoulder. £16 before discount.
The ring is also really cute and is adjustable which a huge plus as my fingers are so small, even a S ring  is too big sometimes. The butterfly broke off in the post, so i just decided to glue it back together, it seemed to have held together for the time being... £4 before discounts.

They had further reductions last week and i was able to grab a few amazing offers. All these items totaled to under £15!
White Mush. Midnight Iris EDT, £3. Smells soo good, I love musk!
Black Velvet Apricot Body Smoother, £2.50. This is like a mild exfoliator, smells good enough to eat.
Cranberry Body Polish, £1. Also like a exfoliator and for £1 i decided to give it a try. Delish smell.
Pomegranate Body Butter, £3. I got two of these, one for a friend and it smells really nice. However i don't think it smells of pomegranate though, it's a really sweet smell, i don't know. It smells different.
Lipstick in Bronze, £1. The colour is a deeper bronze colour than in the picture. I swatches it but the colour wasn't true enough to post. It's a really nice browny, red colour with a shimmer.

Now onto in store shopping.

Too Faced Natural Eye Kit. £22.50.
I heard and read lots of reviews on this kit and the majority were really positive so i jumped the bandwagon.
The colours are amazing, i will be trying some of these colours out soon, and do a separate post to review them. The kit contains 9 eyeshadow colours, a double ended sponge applicator and three guide cards.
Also in Boots if you spend over £18 on Too Faced items you could get a little kit free. It contains a sample of the shadow insurance , Ooh&Aah duo eyeshadow and a Liquif-Eye in a little gold pouch.

This was today's haul. Norwegian Formula Multi-Repair Cream, works wonders on really dry skin. £2.45 on offer.
Garnier Pure Active Exfo-Brusher Wash. This looked really interesting and was on offer for £4.99, as you can see in the pic, it's a face wash with a brush! The brush is super soft is is supposed to exfoliate, removing dead skin cells and visibly reduce shine. Sounds good, will give it a go tonight.
Botanics Cushion Brush. I am lucky enough to have decent hair, but a bad habit i have is to comb through my hair with just a comb, i don't tend to use hair brushes, so i decided to invest in a decent one. Helen told me about how characteristics of a comb is important to have lovely hair, a wooden brush is supposed to be better than a plastic one, bristles on a comb is essential to keep it soft and shiny? Correct me if I'm wrong Helen! :) and the plastic bristle with the balls on the end is great for the scalp. I searched everywhere for a decent one and found this which has all three. £7.99
Lastly i got the Garnier Tinited Eye Roll-On. I have the original one. but never paid attention to the results, although it did feel really good putting it on. I decided to give this a go and will definitely pay attention this time, i'm really intrigued by this product. £9.99


This is Sleek's Storm pallete i got today aswell. i love the colours and will provide swatches later. I really like the look of all their pallettes, they have amazing colours, i will definitely be trying there other palettes too. £4.99

Another trend i had always loved was the nautical trend. This scarf caught my eye straight away, it's one of those huge square ones where to can fold it into a triangle to wear or even fold up lengthways to tie around your neck. £2.

I got this dish thing for £3.50 and thought it'll be quite nice for some of my LUSH stuff. it'll keep it cleaner and neater.

Haul with Helen:

Helen first introduced me to this nail shop in Greenwich, i couldn't believe it when she told me about a shop which is so close to where i live that does OPIs for £5 and China Glaze for £3.50!
OPIs (left to right)Noodoo Voodoo, Bride's Bouquet, Rose Petals. China Glaze Rain Storm, Precision Shiny Disco Ball (£3). I also got a nail varnish remover pump (£2), and some nail art stickers (£1 each).


Are there many Outfit's around, this is all the Arcadia groups under one roof.
The necklace was another item that i fell in love with instantly, i adore it so much, it's really beautiful and is the perfect length. £8.
The bracelets were a impulse, i just grabbed them :) They are adjustable and i love bracelets like that as my wrist are so small. £6.
The rings were half price for £3.50, five simple rings that can be worn individually or together. Mix and match.

New Look.

New Look currently have 20% off for students, for a limited time only!
The ring is one of those oversized ones that i don't usually wear but I loved this one! This is my second oversized ring that i'm going to start wearing them lot now. It's really light and so pretty, a little loose though...£6
Nicola Eyelashes, i'm not really a fake eyelash person, but this year is a year of experimenting so fake lashes here i come! LOL.
Love these boots, gives simple outfits a edge with a rockish feel. They are really comfy and the lining inside is super soft. £25.
Lastly a lace cardi which i have officially fallen in love with. These i think run small in size as i brought it off Helen because it was tight on her, The sleeves are made narrow, so the right size for you could cling on your arms tightly (does that make sense?) This fits perfectly, love the detailing on the back. Gorgeous!

Ok i think that's it! IMATS tomorrow! Yay, so a post on that is definitely on the line. Stay tuned for that.
Hope you're having a nice weekend!

Monday, 25 January 2010

She's Gone RED Crazy!

I decided to cheer myself up abit by having a pampering session, uni is stressing me out and i haven't even started the new semester yet! With another essay to complete and a exam to revise for, i decided to relax for a few hours before working hardcore for the next few days!

Red is my new favourite colour at the moment and I decided to go all out with the gorgeous colour :)

Starting with my hair!
Don't worry i haven't gone overly crazy with the red just a dark cherry red :)
While i'm at it with hair dye, i'll blog about my sister's experience too.

She went for a dark blue colour and used Schwarzkopf Live color XXL in 90 cosmic Blue.
I used Garnier Nutrisse Creme in Morello Cherry 4.6 Deep Red.
Both our us have dark browish hair, the results we were hoping for would be like the last examples shown.

And here they are! These pics were taken the day after we dyed our hair.

Although it doesn't look very blue in the pic, there is a hint of the colour. There is a difference, it's like a ashy blue. She's satisfied with her colour and i think it looks really nice.
However, with this particular hair dye it takes forever to wash out and does stain your skin. Vasaline is key for the hairline! As you can see in the pic, her scalp is still blue.

The colour of my hair looks pretty good in this pic, that's with the flash on. I think it looks a little darker in the natural light. But i think with both my our hair, it should get lighter after a few washes.
I would highly recommend the Garnier Nutrisse hairdye though as it doesn't stain your skin, really easy to wash out and leaves your hair silky smooth.

After months of working, i finally have over a week off and the first i did was paint my nails :D
Work didn't allow their staff to wear nail polish, therefore i never bothered to put it on to take it off again the next day...
This colour is Barry M's Red Wine i think the code is 1A. I love it! The colour is really nice even with one coat of polish.

Next, i tried the lipstick i spoke about before in a haul. Paul and Joe's L lipstick in 003.

As you can also see the colour of hair doesn't look red in some of those pictures.
In different angels and different lighting the colour of the lippie varies. I didn't think red lips were my kinda thing but i actually really like it.

What do you think?

Friday, 22 January 2010

My Obsession With LUSH is No Joke! :O

As you see from my hauls, LUSH is where most of money goes to. I had never been so into LUSH since the end of last month, damn promotions got me hooked XD
Whilst i was clearing some stuff i decided to tidy my LUSH stuff properly and store them nice and orderly.

Soaps and Sugar Scrubs in cardboard box and Ballistic, bubble bars, massage bar in my Soap and Glory hatbox.Everything else in a draw :)

Before i popped them in it's boxes, I took out all my LUSH stuff and snapped a pic...

It's a lot, I know! Shared amongst three girls though and most of it is free!! ;P

Here's what i have...
*Snowcake (xmas)
*Father Frost (xmas)
*Angels Delight (xmas)
*I Should Coco
*Honey I Washed The Kids
*17 Cherry Tree Lane
*Ice Blue
*Rock Star

Body Scrubs:
*Sugar Babe
*Sugar Scrub

*So White (xmas)
*Jingle Spells (xmas)
*Think Pink
*Waving Not Drowning
*Honey Bee
*Ickle Baby Baff Angel and Devil
*Sex Bomb

Massage Bars:
*Soft Ceour
*Wiccy Magic Muscles

Shower Jellies:
*Strawberry Santa (xmas)
*Sweetie Pie

*Ring of Roses

*SnowFairy (xmas)
*Hippy Hippy

Bubble Bars:
*Wee Harry (xmas)
*Ruby Red Slippers (xmas)
*Candy Cane (xmas)
*The Comforter
*Pop in the Bath
*Creamy Candy

Bath Melt:
*Ceridwen's Cauldron

*Snow Fairy Solid Perfume (xmas)
*Ocean Salt
*Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder
*Lemony Flutter
*H'Suan Wen Hua Hair Mask
*Breath of Fresh Air Toner Spray
*Helping Hands
*Grease Lighting
*Enchanted Eye Cream

I still want to get and try more of their stuff too XD
Anyway, if you want reviews on anything or any questions let me know.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Alice In Wonderland Craze.

Aren't the artwork amazing? 

Ever since i saw the amazing trailer of the upcoming Alice in Wonderland film i was hooked!
Beside the hugely anticipated movie (which i'm definitely going to see) out on the 5th of March, there are a few Alice in Wonderland inspired collections on their way out.

Urban Decay's Limited Edition Alice in Wonderland Palette.
Perfect for anyone who doesn't own one of their Vol. palette as i've read their are many dupes of shades.
The 3D Alice in Wonderland scenery is a plus and is really pretty.
I read that there are only 2000 palettes available in the UK and is due to be released around March for £28.

Paul and Joe's Alice in Wonderland Collection.
I think there are more to this collection but i haven't been able to find out what yet. These pictures show the two kits that are in this collection. Each containing a lip treatment, blotting paper with a mirror and blotting paper refills. Check out this post for more pics.
It's going to available at ASOS at the end of February for £25

EDIT: Thanks to Helen for the heads up!
So OPI have a collection too :)

Shades are named Absolutely Alice, Mad as a Hatter, Off With Her Red! and Thanks so Muchness!
Check out this post for swatches. Loving Absolutely Alice and Thanks so Muchness.

Swarovski's Spring/Summer Collection, Alice in Wonderland inspired. Gorgeous!

I'm leaning towards the Paul and Joe  and OPI collection. What do you think?